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Saturday, June 9, 2012

An EPIC Moment

 Photo by Eden

How I met these women is not just some sort of a chance. In this world, we're meant to meet people. Some who will just pass by, and some who will leave a mark in your life. I have made so many friends from my teen years to now and only a few have really made an impact in my life. As I was saying it's not just a chance that I met them, but we're actually meant to meet. We're meant to share each of our life's stories and learn from them. We're meant to share each laughter in everywhere we go may it be in the mountains, or on a secluded, untouched island.

These women since we met, has indeed touched my life in ways they never imagined. That in every trip that we're together there's always, always a moment to remember and hundreds of photos to laugh at. And Eden, was right it didn't have to be in an expensive hotel, with a private van, with an expensive restaurant to satisfy our travel cravings, it happened in places in Northern Mindanao that has significant meaning in our lives. Now, how can i say that though it's only my first time? Well, it's not about the fact that it's my first but rather, it's about being part of an event that's meaningful and unforgettable.

It is a wedding. A wedding that's non-traditional, no full bouquets in the church, no fancy bridal car, not even a full-entourage - just a simple matrimonial ceremony held in a secluded church, in a beautiful sacred place with the couple's loving and supportive family and close friends.

We couldn't help ourselves but to react to what Father said during the wedding. "Love is a DECISION not a feeling." - which we all beamed at each other and said "tama!". So there goes our rebellious attitude towards love and commitment. haha!

I don't want to go into details as to what happened in the wedding. The photos in facebook says it all.

So define INTIMACY? Then, what I witnessed in the Monastery is the answer.

As Lallie said, I will always and forever be thankful to Travel Factor for I have met great friends to share with my laughters and tears kahit san man kami magpunta.
We're meant to make moments together and to have spent it with the people that matters to you is what makes life's journey worthwhile.

 Photo by Eden