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Friday, December 26, 2008

The 2008 Preview

Ok, I must say that 2008 is really an awesome year for me. I started to travel, I started my 2008 by going to Ilocos - alone :) with Travel Factor. That's when I started to like photography. Then we had a Fierce Fashion Show last Summer then off to Summer Grind then we had a farewell overnight party for our dearest Djanna in Ross' place in Tagaytay. After that we celebrated Convergys' 5th Yr. Anniversary, and then the super rush registration for the Akyat Sagada (noni and i) again with Travel Factor. The Boni High Street hangout with Pat, MJ and Noni, the Viaje Del Sol ala food trip again with Pat and Noni.

Then I was planning to go back to Ilocos - Photography Workshop with Travel Factor just last November when I got an email from Noni about the Baler Trip (another Travel Factor planned package) so I decided to not join the Ilocos Trip and just go with Noni instead. Surfvivor Baler was also one the highlights of my life this year. It was my first time to experience how to surf (even if i didn't manage to stand on the board), and being able to travel Aurora with my friends and new found friends as well (The Kooperatiba).
Then we had our Fusian Christmas Party @ SMX. The Makati Dance Troupe got the chance to have a dance showdown with the Philippine All-Stars. Then after a few days, went to Bacolod to party with Convergys over there. But before the party we went to Lakawon Island w/c is also a nice place to beach bum all day. Food Trip all the way to Bacolod - Manukan Country. Then Rib House and visited Convergys Bacolod. The trip was really bitin, so I made a promise to myself that next year...i'll go back and this time, it'll be to experience the Maskara Festival - so Noni..let's save our vl's for this na...(hahaha!).

A lot of changes happened this year, but we manage to adapt to it and rise above all the challenges that we faced.
And me, im gonna keep on doing what i've been doing and that is to work hard and party HARDER! So I present to you the 2008 Preview. BTW, the song is Japanese, from the Anime xxxHolic titled: Reason by Fonogenico. It's a good song don't worry..hehehe you'll love it. ^_^ Sayonara 2008!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Surfvivor Baler - Day 2

This is it!

I know this blog is just 10 years in the making. It's just that after deadly hours of work, i finally have found the time to finish my Surfvivor Baler story.

Day 2 of Surfvivor Baler this time, we get to see the sites!

Went to Dimadimalangat Islets wherein you can also see the mountains of Sierra Madre. Big waves, fresh air, blue sky, and a nice place to just hang out and bum for the whole day.

Of course this is a chance for me to take photos, hang out with Noni and Reyna and our new found friends (the Kooperatiba). After 30min in that place we went to Baler Fishport and the Cobra Reef. Lot's of tadpoles, shrimpfs, rocks...and again it offers a nice view of the Sierra Madre. A lil photo shoot and then off to Ermita Hills. On top of it is the scenic view of the islets, the water, the mountains, in short you can see the whole view of Aurora. Chat a lil then off to the Pasalubong Center of Baler. I bought a shirt, some keychains, miniature hats made of abacca, some sweets, chicharon (na di namin alam kung anu..pero masarap!), and would you believe bumili ako ng pangkamot sa likod?!ahehehe!

Went back to Bahia to have lunch, rest and then off to see the Museo De Baler where the statue of the late President Manuel Quzon is placed. Inside the museum are old relics of Spanish Regime, some old chinese vase, old spanish books, old filipinianas, and a section that shows the life of Manuel Quezon.

After a blast from the past, went back to the present and then went on ahead to see the OLDEST TREE in the country, and in Asia - the Balete Tree. Locals, said that some of the branches of the tree were so heavy it falls on the ground. The roots are huge you can even sneek inside...(i didin't dare...i'm prone to insect bites...).

And now, we go on to our last trip of the day - The Cunayan Falls. The water was so CRYSTAL CLEAR! Dipped in, had a lil chat, some erotic photoshoot...and just relaxed (kahit sobrang lamig ng tubig keri lang!).

I'm having so much blast that I even waved at some locals along the streets while we're on our way back to the resort. I even shouted "I LOVE BALER!"..hahaha!

It was 5:00PM and it's sunday, Noni, Reyna, Xan and I decided to go to Baler Church. After the the mass, I was so hungry I bought 2 balot, 5 isaw, and 3 dugo for dinner.

This is the fun part: After dinner, the girls went to a mini-store just a few blocks away from the resort. And what did we bought that night? Aha! 2 Gran-Mas to finally kick-off our last night in Baler! Inuman sessions started with the game of Taboo, some 20 questions, chat with the neighboors and another bottle of Gran-Ma c/o Bru.

Eto lang, never shoot when you're drunk, pictures will just end up pretty scandalous!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anu na ang Bday celebration?

Pat yung bday mo nung a-dos pa ng desyembre...at ako eh nung ika-syam naman...aba mag b-bday na si Jesus...di pa natin na cecelebrate bday natin! anu ba yan!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crush On You

Crush on You
By: Precious

I want to write a note, but don't know what to say.

I wonder how you would act if I approached you in such a way.

I try my best not to stare or stutter when you come around.

I'm afraid that if I talk to you, you're gonna put me down.

I admire everything about you, from your eyes to your smile.

I guess that I'll sit back and just wait for a while.

Your caramel skin, your luscious lips, your muscle filled arms.(mejo kabaliktaran tong part na to!)

If you were magic I'd buy a locket and make you my lucky charm.

I guess that this is silly because it's just a crush.

Now every time I see you, my body turns to mush.

I can't believe I'm acting this way I'm almost twenty-two.

Oh well, too bad, I just don't care because I'm feeling you.

hahaha funny i can actually relate to this poem...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Weekend in Bacolod

I've been wanting to go there since my mom told me that all of her relatives and lola's were native of Bacolod. Kaya pala pag naguusap sila ng mga Tita ko nag iilonggo di ko naman maintindihan.

So anyway - went to Bacolod last Saturday. Panu nga ba nagstart?
Noni texted me 2-3 weeks ago.
Noni - "L.A gusto ko mag-bacolod!"
L.A - "tara!"
Noni - "huwaaaaa teka sandali na eexcite ako...."
L.A - "Ako din!!! kelan to?"
Noni - "13th to 15th..para makaattend narin ng Xmas party ng Convergys Bacolod!!!"
L.A - "oh! I-book na yan! leshgo!"

So ayan...in other words kaladkarin talaga kami ni Noni. And good thing Aidi was able to go with us din. ayan tatlo na kami! dizizit! ang konti kong naimpok + 13th month...dalhin na sa Bacolod! hahahaha!

We took an early flight to Bacolod via Cebu Pacific. Took off @ 4:40AM..actually napa-aga ang alis it's not so like Cebu Pac.

And mejo funny din noh kasi akala ko kami lang ang may dala ng Krispy Kreme...aba...ang dami din palang mga passengers na may dala ding KK papuntang Bacolod. Ayus!

hehehehe...landed in the New Bacolod Airport...lumabas...at lumanghap ng sariwang hangin!

First stop: Lakawon Island.
It's soooo preeeetttyyy... oh so preeetttyyyy! 15min boat ride papuntang island. We stayed there from 10AM to 3PM. And what did we do...BEACH BUMMING!

And the food is excellent! Kilawin, Liempo, Tinola, pansit (dahil bday ko daw..nung 9th..) and garlic rice!

After long hours of photoshoot, sunbathing, and swimming - we pack-up and went to Bacolod City. Ito na...pinatos namin ang Ceres Bus na ordinary sa kagustuhang makapag check-in ng maaga...

Si Noni nasa harap ko window side - sobrang antok na kami dahil galing pa kami ng shift..so tulog kami ng buong biyahe..so kamustahin natin si noni sa pagtulog nya...

Konduktor: "Day, day ang imo ulo lumalabas na sa bintana!
Noni - naalimpungatan...sabay lingon kay Kuya at tumingin sakin.."huh?"
L.A - pumupungas-pungas "yung ulo mo daw...lumalabas na sa bintana.."

So lahat na kami gising na! hahahaha! The next thing we know we got passed by Convergys Bacolod!!!! Huwaaa!!! shempre ang ingay namin sa bus! kanya-kanya kaming "uy ang ganda ng site nila! amazing! wonderful! proud! happy!" ayan ganyan kami!

So, mejo dinner time na kami nakapag check in sa Circle Inn. Dropped our bags and then off to SM Bacolod - akalain mo nga naman...nagawa pa namin mag SM muntikan narin mag Jollibee.."please wag naman!".

We had our dinner sa Manukan sa side lang ng SM. Ang dami nilang restau dun ha! Aida's yata yung kinainan namin...sarap to the bones ito! Sa halagang 50pesos may malaking hita nako and yung rice nila sulit din! --- icombine mo ang 2 rice sa jollibee...oh diba sulit! At sa Manukan bawal ang kutsara at tinidor..kamay kung kamay ito..yes! Let's do this the Filipino style! amazing!

After dinner, i texted my former TL, Nena. We haven't seen each other for a long time na..kasi after PBCOM she transferred to Convergys One Bldg, and then one time nag chat sha telling me na she's going to Bacolod na. I have few PBCOM friends din who transferred din to Bacolod site. There's former EET member Felix na til now active parin sa mga events ng company. There's Gen former agent of TL Martial (na nasa ibang site narin), and TL Ruben na lagi namin ka-volleyabll nun..hehehe...

Engagement Ai and TL Doyet (friend of Noni) toured us sa site. Na-observe lang namin na sobrang laid back sa site nila and people there are very friendly, they welcomed us with their warm charming "smile". Nakakatuwa lang talaga...and to also know that there's a lot of people helping Ai in preparing for their Xmas Party na helller...eh 20hrs to go nalang...Nakita ko narin si Nena..busy si bakla nag picture kami sa may xmas tree...musta naman..and pati si Kuya winelcome din kami..May isa din kaming agent dun na nakita wearing an orange shirt with a quote imprinted on it.says "Convergys smiles with Bacolod" tapos may maskara na nakaprint din...ang ganda! and talo ang others dun! ha! ASTIG diba!

We went home around 12AM na...next time na ang blog about sa party and how we spent our last night in Bacolod.

Basta ito na...October! Maskara Festival and i promised myself na babalik ako dun!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Surfvivor Baler 2008 - Day 1

For all kaladkarins and surfers!

Day 1 Itinirerary - Baler, Quezon
09:30 AM Batch 1 Surf Lesson (1)
10:45 AM Batch 2 Surf Lesson (1)

12:00 NN Lunch (c/o TF)
01:30 PM Batch 3 Surf Lesson (1)

02:45 PM Batch 1 Surf Lesson (2)
04:00 PM Batch 2 Surf Lesson (2)
05:15 PM Batch 3 Surf Lesson (2)
07:30 PM Dinner (c/o TF)
09:00 PM Socials/Sleep early prepare for the next day

Noni, Reyn, Roxanne and I were sleeping the whole trip. We left MCdo Quezon Ave, about 2:30AM na.

We arrived in Bay's Inn Baler @ around 9am. Nasa parking palang kami and we can all hear the sound of the waves. We knew then that this trip is going to be exciting.
We had breakfast inside the resort, i ordered 1 extra garlic rice and egg (malasado) because i was so hungry when i woke up. Ok s
o while we're having breakfast, the dinning area w/c was filled of people-filipinos and or foreigners alike is actually near the beach front of Baler so you would see the waves and feel the gushing air.
I asked Noni this - "Are you ready to surf?"
and she said "Nemen!".

After breakfast, here comes room assignments. 8 of us girls were checked-in at the Bahia De Baler Garden Resort a couple of blocks away from Bay's Inn. The resort was owned by none-other than Senator Ed Angara. So i said 8 right?ok...so we were 8 girls checked-in in room 8. Since we're all girls (we actually don't k
now them all but the 2 girls were actually familiar to us. They are Ruth and Jan who like Noni and I also went to Sagada last October with Travel Factor. what a small world!) we actually called room 8 the Purok Otso and the resort is the Sitio Bahia de Baler, and we named our group the KOOPERATIBA ng mga KABABAIHAN ng SITIO BAHIA. It was right then, we knew that our group is gonna be the noisiest and wackiest group ever in Bahia.

Who are the 8 girls of Sitio Bahia?
We have Eden who by the way looks like Romila Mirador. Eden was supposed to be in Cebu also with Travel Factor but she missed her flight so she ended up going to Baler. Tikoy (of Travel Factor) told her na "buti nalang dito ka sumama umuulan sa Cebu ngayun!".
Then there's Ruth and Jan whom we already met in Akyat Sagada of Travel Factor. Also, we have Mavis who went to Baler, solo (just like me w
hen i went to Ilocos!) and there's Roxanne, Reyn and of course Noni and Me. ^_^

Ok, everybody's getting ready to surf. But before anything else may i remind you that we are all first timers in surfing except for Jan...who is by the way named by Travel Factor as "Certified Kaladkarin". She first surfed in Surfvivor La Union, and then Surfvivor Baler.

I went to Maddox shop with Reyn because for some reason we forgot to buy rashguards. 1 rashguard costs P1,400!!! but i really need it so I bought it anyway.

Batch 1 - From the KOOPERATIBA - Jan, Me and Mavis.
Our photographer, Noni.

Surf Lessons
The surfing lessons were conducted by Kuya Okoy, who from what i remember owns the maddox surf shop and the No.1 surfer in the country! deng! ^_^

Dapa sa board, paddle, angat (parang push-up) and then SURF IT ALL AWAY BABY!
You thought it's that easy? ha! Think again.

And so I have my partner na si Kuya (i can't remember his name) who will assist me in surfing since we were all newbies.

My first taste of wave was actually scarry...but for the first time i was able to face my fears. I told Kuya that I am not a good swimmer especially when it's deep. But kuya assured me that we will not go far from the shore. 1st wave, it was actually fun...2nd..yeah fun...3rd..mejo malakas na sha KUYA! 4th and again
my first taste of big wave...TUMAOB ako! So i did exactly what kuya told me. I just hold on to the board and i need to roll or basta. Then there's another big wave and when i say BIG i mean HUGE (for me)...walls of water right in front of us! The next thing i know...nasa shore na ko...and my board is just there..chilling out! hahahaha! I asked kuya time out muna. Coz we were like doing the same thing again and again...and i have not been able to stand up on the board. I asked for a couple of minutes of rest.

While starring at the waves, i was actually talking to myself that it was really scarry. I realized that surfing is not just that..it's all about your guts in facing your fears. I was
blessed, Kuya is really patient with me...i was a lil' scared narin since it's my first time. That's why I had to stop for a 15min. Noni was telling me Kaya mo yan! and Kuya was like "anu mam, surf?" sabi ko naman "konti nalang nagiipon pa ko ng courage! hahaha!" Then after a few minutes..."kuya..let's do this!"

We went to the other side where there's less waves..perfect for beginners like me
. But my 1hr of surfing is about to run out. And I have not been able to stand up..the closest thing i ever got is in this photo....

More photos of surfing will be uploaded soon...what's with 754 photos diba! haaay!

I was actually watching Jan and she really can surf. Surfing photos will be uploaded in a different album. ^_^

Batch 2 - From the KOOPERATIBA - Noni, Reyn and Ruth. Photographer L.A.

Surfing lessons with them...and then off to the waters!Reyn and Ruth are surfing it all out! hahaha! Reyn at first didn't want to do it...but deng...how many times she managed to stand up on the board...hahaha! and how about noni who was able to stand up only to fall on the side...hahahaha! but at least she was able to surf...for 5 seconds...

Surfing sessions lasted til 4pm. Because it's high tide and the waves are getting bigger and bigger..and more aggressive.

After that, we took a shower...chat a lil' watched t.v. and then off to dinner.^_^
Next activity...ha ha! Inuman Sessions with our special guests..and to cheer us up Gran Matador Brandy...with special participation of Coke. Sponsored by Mr. Chips "What's in a Mr. Chips chip?", Chippy, Oishi, Piattos, and Happy.

I will not go into details as to what happened in our Inuman Sessions, we just played Taboo and the rest is history...^_^

Day 2 blog soon. ^_^