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Friday, September 25, 2009

In My Life

It was Tuesday night when I got a text from my boss inviting us to watch In My Life. It was before the concert when she mentioned to us that she want to watch it with us and it was before Punta Fuego when she again, reminded us how she's dying to see the movie.

It was Wednesday afternoon, we're suppose to watch it @3:30PM (as indicated in the ticket) when the lady told us that screening time is 3:00 PM. We already missed the first part of the movie, but didn't mind at all anyway.

I've never denied how much I love Vilma Santos. I've watched some of her classic movies and it was in Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan when I first fell in-love with her acting (not in a lesbiana way...). I can name a few filipino actresses who are on my list and these are, Sharon, Maricel Soriano and of course, Vilma...and not to mention Hilda Koronel. But we're here to talk about Vilma's movie. LOL.

So what's the film all about:(i'm tired writing a better summary so i'll just get it from mb.com)
In My Life -- is about a controlling single mother (Shirley played by Vilma) whose three children have grown detached from her – and she from the rest of the world – and how a visit to her only son (Mark played by Luis Manzano) in New York leads to a painful realization and, ultimately, a fresh start for her loved ones and for herself.

Ok, here we go!

Vilma never fails me. She never ever fail in making the audience WOW with her peformance. Hands down to John Lloyd who's gay acting is SUPERB. I like the scene where he puts his hand on his face and said "ang damot mo...damot damot mo..." to Vilma. I was like -- That is so gay! Galing...galing mo JLC!

Anyway, as we get to know Shirley more in the movie, the more I realized how similar her character is to my mother. Shirley is as controlling, as my mom (i hope mom takes this as a compliment.LOL). So it is obvious how much tears I shed while watching the drama scenes. Coz, I can relate!

Finally, hands down to the writers of this film and one of them is the director herself, Olivia Lamasan. She has again, created a masterpiece.

The intense drama scenes and emotions in this movie will definitely stir up the audience.

This is a must-see movie!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smile with Bacolod

Less than 3 weeks to go before Masskara Festival begins.

I will experience it for the first time in the city of smiles, Bacolod.
Home of my forefathers.

I am also trying to list down all the pasalubongs I will buy, yet all I could think of are Napoleones and Mascovado (for my coffee!). Will also look for new masskara designed shirts as my souvenir!

I can't wait!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fish-eye photo

But no, I'm not using a fish-eye lens. It just so happens that early morning of September 18th while I was waiting for the girls, I decided to pick up my camera and put on my 50mm lens. I also, grabbed a piece of truffles I bought from Truffettes de France. Just out of boredom, I looked at the peephole at our room's door. It was a sunny day and the light rays beautifully reflects through its tiny mirror.

I took a picture focusing closely on the peephole, making it look as if i used a fish-eye lens. I had a couple of shots, and this one, was way better than the others.

Then I thought I've improved on what kind of pictures I am taking now.
I know that people can do this, my answer is: I DON'T CARE.

Photo by: Leslie Pomicpic
Place: Room 4A, Club Punta Fuego

Sunday, September 6, 2009


It started out as a simple plan, that became larger than life event. With only 2 months to prepare, the pains of pre-event planning, the agony of sleepless nights and countless of other pocket events that squeezed in our schedules down to the last minutes, we managed to keep our heads focused, kept our acts together, despite of the misunderstandings to end the event exactly how we wanted it to end --- WITH A BANG!

And so this blog, is purely for those who have extended their help, those who have supported us numerous times and never let us down, those who managed to extend their patience amidst the stress that our team was facing, to those who believed in us, to the guy named Jasper, who was brave enough to propose to his gf on stage and to our motherly director, who has always been our strength and our life-support managed to keep the teams' head held up high.

This is something to BRAG about!

We are the first to do it!

and we did it in this historical dome called Araneta Coliseum.

My first big project...and it had to be a concert. It has taken so much energy out of me, but it was all worth it. I've learned a lot of things as I went through tough times being the project head for the concert. I have no knowledge whatsoever in handling big events, not even this, but what i only have, is motivation and perseverance to pursue this despite of numerous feedback that haunted us, till the day of the event.

It's all over now. What is left are smiles from people who were there with their loved ones, over a thousand photos to cherish, and a memory that could lasts a life time.

We simply are THE BEST!

till the next event. :D