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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Northern Cebu Trip Part II - Malapascua Island

How many islands do we have again?

It's 7,107 if I'm not mistaken. :)

Cebu is not just famous for its food and culture but it is also rich with islands waiting to be discovered. Thanks again to Travel Factor, I was able to travel the northern part of Cebu. First in our itinerary - Malapascua Island.

I have to blame the weather again. It is because of Santi, we arrived in Malapascua late night. This ruined all our plans for that day. But then again, we are thankful that somehow our trip pushed through. We landed in Mactan airport safely and of course, arrived in Malapascua safe and sound. After a long trip to the port, (plus the 45min boat ride to the island) we quickly put down our bags and went to Maldito Bar and Restaurant.

Resto is equipped with drinks (soft and hard), smiling cebuanos, and a raggae band ready to play songs for you all night!

So much for that. I was so hungry I didn't even find time to take pictures of the food that was served so let's just call it a night.

say good morning to Malapascua!

Where is everybody?
Well, they all went out to the ocean for snorkeling. I wasn't in the mood that time, and all I wanted to do is tour the island and take pictures.

Glad I did it!

Northern Cebu Trip Part I

It was Saturday morning, everyone in Travel Factor particularly "US" who are going to Cebu were FRANTIC whether our flight is canceled or delayed. Called someone, and someone called the other so on and so forth. Finally, got a call from Tyx telling us to go to the airport. We are finally seeing some hope. I went straight to the gate and found that our flight is not included in the canceled list. There I saw Bates, sitting on the floor and we waited for a couple of hours more.

Finally, they opened the counter bound for Cebu. And as always, well considering the weather conditions last Saturday, of course, the flight is delayed. From 8AM departure, our flight has changed to 11:45AM to 12:30PM the latest. It doesn't matter anymore. What we're happy about is the fact that we are going and our weekend is going to be as meaningful as ever.