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Friday, September 23, 2011

Ginormous Nutella

Sometimes it's boring at work specially if there are no calls waiting. I've been browsing through my tumblr dashboard  to see amazing photos from people that I follow all over the world. This is what I thank Hewlett-Packard for. Full internet access has never been better. But of course, use it with discrete and caution. We don't want to be reprimanded or get caught up by our bosses right?

From food to destinations, arts and graphics, from people to animals. Whenever I see something amazing I quickly reblog these to my own tumblr for my reading pleasure. As I go through these amazing tumblogs, I stumbled upon a photo of this huge nutella nothing I've seen before. I found out from my aussie friend that we have to order it online because they don't sell this in most stores. Nutella has been my favorite since I discovered this when I was in China. I love nutella more if it's matched with keebler chocolate cookies (talk about sweet tooth!) and black coffee.


credit to the source here's the link: http://benc0bane.tumblr.com/post/10491388153

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Oath As A Mother

A couple of hours ago, I stumbled upon a news posted in yahoo! Singapore about a mom who happens to be Jacki Chan's former lover and like me, she too is a single mother. I read through the news and I find her perspectives significant to mine. I never saw my situation as some sort of a disadvantage nor pittiful. Instead, I took it as a challenge. I don't want Sophia to grow up with so much anger with her father nor to any of our family members.

I grew up with so much hate and anger that when I got pregnant, all I wanted was to make things better for my daughter. I don't want to pass on the grudges I have and I don't want to do the things that my mother did to me. I want my daughter to grow up with compassion and have a sense of value for freedom. Freedom to express herself. Freedom to choose between what is right from wrong. Freedom to dream big. Freedom to explore new things. And, Freedom to make a decision at her own accord.

I will be open to her as she grows up and teach her to understand that things happen for a reason. I will show no regrets at all to whatever the decisions I made in my life and I will make sure that she will grow up proud. My daughter will grow up with love around her.

She will know that out of all the good things, she was the best ever happened to me.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Express yourself! LOL :D

#1. I'm getting bored...

#2. What to chew next?

 #3. bleeeeeeeeh!

 #4. What da heck?

#5. soooo scuuuurrrrrrrred, mummy!

#6. ohmigaaahd! what am i chewing?!

 #7. Can you carry me mommy please...? please? (wink..wink)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Your Granddaughter is not a DOG!!!

Grandma bought Sophia a walker.

Grandma put Sophia in a walker.

Grandma tied the walker.

What's the use of a walker then?!

Wag nyong paabutin sa punto na ilayo ko sa inyo si Sophia. This is not a THREAT!!!!

Happy Long Weekend!

August 30th, Tuesday. I took Sophia for a stroll to make use of the time left for the day. Long weekend is almost done and Mommy will have to go back to work the next morning. Really, weekends and holiday long weekends are not enough. If only I could bring Sophia to work I would've done it a long time ago. Sophia and I spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around the quiet neighborhood. As we stroll around, I began thinking about the future.

How Sophia's going to be like when she grows up?
Which sports will she like playing?
Will she love photography like Mommy does?
Will she love traveling like Mommy does?
Will she rather do things with Mommy? Together?

I looked back at the night I took her home from the hospital and looked at her smiling face that afternoon. How time flies? She really grew up fast and much in the coming months. I'm thankful for the lovely day and time I had with her. And, despite of the mishaps within our family, I'm proud that I have not shed a single tear. I'm being strong for this tiny little person in front of me. She's my strength. My inspiration.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gaano ba kahirap ang lumugar?

Nung una nag-agree ako sa set-up na nanay ko ang mago-overlook sa pagaalaga sa anak ko. Ako bilang nanay, pumayag ako dahil ayoko sabihin na pinagdadamot ko anak ko. 2 months ago, kumuha ag kami ng bagong yaya at naging ganoon na nga ang set-up. Sa set-up na gusto nya, na ginusto nya, nagrereklamo parin siya...pero ginusto nya ang set-up na yun. ANG LABO LANG!!!

Kinuha ko na yung yaya dahil napapagod na daw sya at naiinis sya sa pagmumukha ni Pen (ex-nanny). I welcomed Pen with respect. Pero sa tinagal-tagal matapos laitin ng NANAY ko si Pen, biglang close na sila. Di din maganda ang naging experience ko kay Pen. Andiyan na uuwi ako na minamadali nya ako maligo agad para makalamon na sya. I told her "anung silbi ng stroller...???". Nahuli din siya ni Tita Liza na mahimbing na natutulog and si Sophia sinusubo na ang kurtina. Tama ba yun? Tuwing aakyat ako ng kwarto, ang gulo-gulo at nagiiwan siya ng mga snacks nya sa room that invited roaches and mice. Andiyan na nagsumbong sakin si Tita Liza na sinisigawan ng yaya si Sophia. And recently, nakita kong nakakalat ang mga damit ko sa floor. Hinanap ko ang laundry basket andun, nakatali ng mahigpit sa bed using sophia's diapers (lampin). Inside the basket nakapalibot ang comforter, at yung toys ni iya. So anu ang iisipin ko? Na, nilagay nya dun ang anak ko habang kumakain siya. Again, anung silbi ng stroller? at anu ba anak ko? damit? And I was even more outraged whith the response I got from my mom - "Diyos ko! Di naman makakilos yung tao!"

My GOD! Anu ba ikikilos ng yaya na yun, underwear nya, pinagkainan nya, di man lang nya ligpitin. How is it na kapag kami lang ni Sophia, nakakapaghugas pa ko ng feeding bottles nya twice a day without putting her in the laundry basket? And I didn't have to eat inside the bedroom just for the sake na mabantayan ang anak ko. Isn't that the reason why there's such thing as stroller? (nakakagigil!!!)

And san ka nga naman nakakita ng yaya na naninigaw ng amo? One example, kinailangan kong pagalitan tong elitistang yaya na to dahil pinaliguan si Iya sa kagabi without telling me. Why? Usapan - kapag day off ko I will take care of everything for Sophia. And that is from the time she wakes up till she sleeps. She was claiming that it's not her fault and kapag di ako nagbago lalayasan nya ko. Wow!

As a mother, I have every right to choose and make decisions, especially if it's for my baby girl. I chose to look for a better nanny, on my own effort and not through my mother. I don't need to pay a nanny who's unwilling to do the job and not have respect for the person she's looking after and person paying her for her service. I'm working for my daughter. I don't think I need to ask for another chance, because as my parent's I am entitled to that.

Isn't that what you wanted? Ang matuto ako sa sarili kong kakayanan.

I'm not asking for respect from you, I asked that you respect my daughter because she's not a toy, na pang-display nyo sa facebook nyo -- she's a person. Sophia is growing up, she's on her learning stage. And negativity is one thing na gusto ko alisin sa kanya. That's not how I want to raise my kid.

I know Sophia, is thankful for whatever you provided. Gerber, diapers and milk even the walker. But please if you're going to give these please make sure na galing sa puso nyo and not because you want to get back at me. I'm so done with sumbatan. I just want to live a normal life with my kid.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What's Your Price?


Everything to me has a price
I bribe, I demand
Everything to me has a price
I'm kind - in exchange of...
If I don't get what I want, I make your life a living hell
Who am I?