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Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Virgin Island

They call her VIRGIN
They call her the "Hidden Paradise" of Bicol
and they call her
The Happy Beach

My next dream, and could be fulfilled by Travel Factor.

Is to go to this island, where its serene beauty like no other.
and rumor has it that she's for sale.
Hmmm, if only I have a gazillion money to spend..

I'd buy her and give Travel Factor free accommodations!

Ok now,
Think of Boracay 10 years ago...

ok now let me introduce to you...

The Hidden Paradise of Bicol
The Virgin Island
The Happy Beach

Her name is:


(photo c/o google.com)

Now, are you dreaming for an

I have a strong feeling that my series of trips doesn't just end in Bora.

OMG! Summer Blues!
here it comes!

The Virgin Island

They call her VIRGIN
They call her the "Hidden Paradise" of Bicol
and they call her
The Happy Beach

My next dream, and could be fulfilled by Travel Factor.

Is to go to this island, where its serene beauty like no other.
and rumor has it that she's for sale.
Hmmm, if only I have a gazillion money to spend..

I'd buy her and give Travel Factor free accommodations!

Ok now,
Think of Boracay 10 years ago...

ok now let me introduce to you...

The Hidden Paradise of Bicol
The Virgin Island
The Happy Beach

Her name is:

(photo c/o google.com)

Now, are you dreaming for an

I have a strong feeling that my series trips doesn't just end in Bora.

OMG! Summer Blues!
here it come!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We were having our inuman sessions with the surfers at Mahdox Surf Shop. Bonfire didn't last that long but that didn't stopped us from celebrating our last night in Baler. Leia bought a 6-gallon wilkins, mixed with ginebra gin, eight o'clock and sprite and/or royal and brought it over to Mahdox where the session is happening. The surfers started without us though...at least only for a couple of minutes. We saw them drinking Lambanog, and Tuna as their main pulutan. Then I saw Jasper (nonie's gradeschool classmate) roaming around with a bottle of liquor in his hands, asking people to have a shot.

The liquor is non-other than

Yes! I didn't know how is it like tasting this liquor but some of the gang have been sneaking out from the session just to not taste this strong liquor. The gang took their inuman sessions to the next level.

Here's what they did: The gin-juice we mixed as the chaser Lambanog + Bacardi 151
result: BASAG!

So Smile and I and the others decided to star-gazed while they were at the back getting themselves drunk --- ng BONGGANG-BONGGANG BONGBONG! Then Jasper aske Smile to take the last shot. She was saying NO! I, on the other hand curious why people don't like it, tasted it.
and here's my reaction!

I felt like I'm gonna go on fire!
bacardi's slowly went down through my throat
and into my chest, down to my tummy.
The burning feeling: I HATE!

Why do I have to be the last one to drink this?

I swore to myself that I will never ever drink this devil again!

SURFVIVOR BALER: The Inuman Sessions

Saturday, February 21st, it was our first night in Baler. After dinner, we enjoyed ourselves with 7 "UBER SARAP!" Red Horse Mucho. Socials have never been this fun. Especially when you have a comical friend named Gelo to keep you laughing all night.
Here's the 7 bottles of MUCHO!

I love this! haay!

Here's Gelo and Marv
at the
Bay's Inn Acoustic Bar.

Now there's the Gelo Factor. ahahahaha!

And, what's this? It's Marv's birthday!

Gelo: Thanks for the treat pare! Here's a hug!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three Things

2. L.A

1. DECEMBER 9, 1983 - The date when Leslie Pomicpic was born.
2. FEBRUARY 14, 2009 - The date I celebrated my single life in Apo Reef.
3. JUNE 30, 1963 - The day my Mommy was born. ^_^

1. Post processing my photos from my recent Baler Trip.
2. Plurking
3. Eating Hershey's Toffee and Almond chocolate bar

1. internet
2. playing my ipod
3. dvd marathon

1. Mushroom
2. My Grandma
3. My Mommy - this is kinda complicated...

1. UWA LENS PLEASE ANYONE! - ida-date ko ang magreregalo sakin nito!
2. XPERIA - again ida-date ko ang magreregalo sakin nito!
3. HAPPINESS! - family, and friends.

1. Photography
2. Dancing
3. Traveling

1. Vienna
2. Prague
3. Paris

1. Coke
2. Red Horse
3. Bailey's

1. CP
2. BDJ Planner
3. pens lots of pens!

1. Black
2. Red
3. Blue

1. Starbucks
2. MOA
3. Boni High Street!

1. Traveling
2. Photography
3. Beach Bumming

1. Family
2. Friends
3. MY GADGEST - lens, camera, ipod, lappy...etc!


It's amazing to see how these boys do their stuff at the beach.
They are so good when they surf!

Since I couldn't get myself to surf for 1hr...unfortunately it took me only 30min...or less..
I decided to just shoot them while it lasts.

So here they are


Go Higher!

I bet he's just around 10-12 years of age.
How cool was that?!

Aren't you STOKED yet?


The Best!

By: Pinay Manlalakbay

3 More Trips To Go!

Back from Baler Trip.

This was the second time around and all I did was to click my camera, shoot some amazing stunts done by the "BALER SURFER BOYS", and had fun under the sun.

3 More trips to go to conclude my 1st quarter of the year.
These are:

Photoholic Ilocos Weekend Special: March 28-March 1
UBBE - CORON: Hopefully on March 14th-17th if Djanna won't come!Nonie ako na to please! ahahahaha!
BORA WEEKEND with friends: March 27th to 30th.

Friday, February 20, 2009


OO na!

Eto na kikilos na!

Kaasar since bumangon ako ng 5:30am...eh di na nako nakaalis dito sa harap ng lappy ko.

dang it!

and the worst part is:

I couldn't even get myself to clean up the house and the dishes.


Last Day is Always a Heartbreak...

It is TRUE.
When we were in Apo Reef, we thought of going to Coron since it's just 4hrs away from us. But of course Coron is not even in our itinerary.

How we wanted to stay longer pa in Pandan. It was so quiet. You could sleep all day at a duyan. Or if you don't have one, make sure you have a hammock with you and just look for a comfy place for you to bum.

Trust me.
If you want a place that is peaceful and quiet,
Pandan Grande Island is a place to be.

So here we are, at the Sablayan Airport.

Aw, sadness, we're going home na...UBBE is over!

nagpapakasaya kahit uuwi na...

Nasa plane na kami, and we're all making noise at the same time. Chikka dito - chikka doon. While on our way back, inaliw ko sarili ko - Thank God nasa window seat ako! I saw what God can see from above. I told myself ---

"Wow! He has the best seat in the house."

The Islands of the Philippines:

The Light Above Us:

Sea of Clouds:

Life is simply beautiful, and what makes it more beautiful is when you go places.


As what Apo Reef Natural Park said:

Take Nothing but Pictures.
Bring Nothing but Memories.

Kill Nothing but Time.

Leave Nothing but Footprints.

Pinas, bow po ako sa kagandahan nyo.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lumiliit Na Mundo...

Eto na lumiliit na talaga mundo namin dito sa Travel Factor trips na to...aahahaha!

A chat log with Maya who happens to be guidedlighthouse na 10 years na palang nasa YM contacts ko...magaling-magaling!

guidedlighthouse: poms.. ikaw ba to? - maya
resuri_li: ikaw ba si guidedlighthouse?!?!! amp! ikaw pala yan! bwahahaha ako to poms!
guidedlighthouse: hahahahhaa!
guidedlighthouse: putris .. ikaw pala yan
guidedlighthouse: e noon mo pa ako inadd
resuri_li: akala ko lalaki kasi si guidedlighthouse!
resuri_li: ahahaha
resuri_li: oo
guidedlighthouse: di ko alam kung sino to nun
resuri_li: ang galing naman
guidedlighthouse: hahahahah

Ayan! Salamat sa Travel Factor. You Find Ways.

UBBE: The Pandan Scenics

No words can express how I enjoyed my stay in Mindoro - particularly in - Apo Reef and Pandan Grande Island.

The experience was extraordinary. Never have I beach bummed like the way I did this past weekend. Nagiging adik na yata ako talaga sa beach and nature. But what can I say I hate seeing my camera not doing anything at all.

A bit funny though, I have gone through places, may it be climbing mountains or splashing at sea, but I have never gone to Boracay before. So I'll mark my calendar - March 27 to 30 with my old pals, Pat, Tina, Sam, and who else who wants to beach bum with us. And the boracay may repeat on April with Travel Factor buddies - RORO version.

But enough of that for now.

Pandan Grande Island is a unique one.

Again as I've said in my previous blog -- 98% of the people checked-in here are foreigners - professional divers, and professional bummers mostly from europe since the owner of the island is a french national. and 2% were the crew of the resort, bangkeros and the only filipino who I believed checked-in that time are us. Travel Factor beach bummers.
Monday morning, I heard an alarm, echoing all over the house. That really reminded me to get-up and do my thing and that is to - shoot. I walked outside the beach, tasted the fresh air, heard laughs from the kids, and turned-on my ipod with the song Return To Innocence playing. **Akala nyo Pretty Boy ni M2M ha! ahahaha! Pang Apo Reef lang yun!**

I dedicate these photos to the buddies I met during the trip. Meeting new people always excites me. You are now, what I call - "New Found Friends".

The Sunrise

The Sand

Pandan's own version of "STUMP" in the Sand

And this is what a BEACH BUMMING should be like

Are you itching to get bum under the sun?

My Pawikan Encounter 02-15-09

I swore to myself, that no matter what, I will give everything to see you...

We may not have met last Valentine's but you still made my Ultimate Beach Bumming Experience more sweeter and meaningful - in Pandan Island.

Photo by: Eden
Edited by: Pomz

So I guess I'll see you again, our old friend - Pawi.

Ultimate Beach Bumming Experience 02-14-09

Last Valentine's Day, I fell in-love with you...

Last Valentine's Day, It was my first time to snorkel.

Last Valentine's Day, I saw you...

And it was last Valentine's day when I first saw a Baby Shark.
**crap i don't have a camera with me that time*

Even if Feb. 14th has passed, I will always look back to that day.
Where everyone's a bummer.
a photoholic.
a nature lover.

And no matter how far you maybe, Apo Reef always remember that you're TF Friends will always remember your
Beauty, radiance, and the experience you gave us that will live on in our memory

Apo Reef, Hephep?!?!?!


Pinay Manlalakbay

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TF: Let's BORA! (April 24-27)


Bonggang-bonggang BORA!

Let's BORA!
April 24-27, 2009

We're taking the bus to one of the summer's hottest destinations, Boracay!
P6,300 per person
P6,000 per person (for groups minimum of 6 or more)

  • Roundtrip transfers Manila-Boracay-Manila (via private bus & RORO)
  • 2 Nights Accommodation at Boracay (Station 2) - GROUP SHARING
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
  • 2 Travel Factor Summer Beach Parties!
  • Island Hopping Activity
  • Frisbee & Skimboarding Clinic
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Factor ID and Lanyard
  • Services of TF Coordinator
April 24 - in transit to Boracay
April 25 - Boracay!
April 26 - Boracay!
April 27 - in transit to Manila

* Deadline of Registration: Depends on Slot Availability
* Deadline of Payment: Downpayment of P2,000 upon registration;
* Book & Buy Policy. Only 28 slots available. First come, first serve basis.
* No regform, No reservation. To reserve, please fill-out registration form then send to travel.factor@gmail.com Subject: Let's Bora - Registration (Apr 24 - 27, 2009)
* Then you will receive thru email account details where to deposit payment (BPI). For group reservations, please send your registration forms in one file & email.
* Everyone is required to download and submit registration form
* Please register only if you are 100% sure you are joining. And if after registering you need to back-out, please have the courtesy to notify us properly thru email.
* Full payment must be settled within the agreed timeframe. Should you need extension, please coordinate with Travel Factor
* Non-refundable but transferable to other person. Travel Factor must be notified asap or at least 5 days before the trip. In this case, the "proxy" must fill-out and submit registration form. * Upon payment, you will receive a copy of complete guidelines, including things to bring, itinerary, reminders, etc...
* For inquiries, email travel.factor@gmail.com or call/txt the assigned reservation officer of this trip 0926-6108700 (Ced)

FOR INQUIRIES/COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS email your concerns to travel.factor@gmail.com with your name and contact number Subject: Let's Bora - Inquiries (Apr 24 - 27, 2009)

DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM http://thetravelfactor.multiply.com/journal/item/84/TFRegform

Recommended for fun-loving & adventurous people who would like to meet new friends while travelling. Be prepared of the long travel time (13-15 hours.)

for more information go to: www.travelfactor.org

Apo Reef: The Island Of Love

Thanks Charles for putting this in my comment box - now I have a title to this blog.

We spent our Valentine's Day in Apo Reef where the lovely marine wildlife resides. From the pair of Angelfish to the Baby Sharks and to the people who visited the place, it was indeed a Heart's filled day.

We met TP and Tano. It's their first Valentine's together. BTW, I think the Valentine's blues followed us to Apo Reef and not in Calaguas. Singles edition daw kasi yun. bwahahaha!

But anyway, join me in this blog as I go spread the love in the world.

Let's Make Love Not War.

Here's a shot of TP and Tano using a 18-135mm kit lens.

Feeling the mushy-ness?

Here's the Sweethearts: Photo grabbed from Jon.

Are you blushing now?

Wait till you see this:

"blind item"
Da who is this couple who are sitting under the coconut tree?

Can we put this into one photo that says it all?

Maya and Leia saying - Happy Heart's Day!

Apo Reef, you are indeed the Island Of Love.

Apo Reef: The Creep and The Writings On The Wall

While we're waiting for the divers to get back, we enjoyed ourselves doing a photoshoot of our own. While walking taking pictures of the sand, stones, branches and all that jazz.. the walk turned out to be a wild and wacky PHOTOHOLIC Apo Reef.
We discovered this old headquarters built by the Americans during WWII.

and here's the creepy part of this place:

We went inside the house and we saw these writings on the wall. It made us think that it was indeed a Heart's Day. We couldn't help it - we took pictures of the "Writings On The Wall".

here's another one: "Paint My Love"

and here's the ultimate part: Just be the judge, this one's really the winner!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures. Just to let you know the last one's my favorite not because I'm the one who took it it's the content that I love. hahaha!

By: Pinay Manlalakbay

LSS: Chasing Pavements by Adele

Saw her amazing performance at the Grammy's.

That was the first time I heard of her voice and it was also the first time I heard of this song.

I thought the lyrics is brilliant.

So here's
Chasing Pavements

i-torrent na ang album nya!

Chasing Pavements -

UBBE: Was Just Wondering lang noh?

I was just wondering lang noh...

Anu bang meron at behind ko lagi ang nakukunan?
Photo by: John

Eto pa isa galing kay Nonie...

at ito ang matindi!
Photo by: Jon

Aminado naman ako na malusog akong bababe...pero ako eh nagtataka lang...talaga.
I need to be enlightened..

at anu ba tong sinasabi ni Ver na meron pang isang kuha na ganito? oh my golay!

UBBE: The Nikinik, The Wasak and The Basag

Ang Niknik bow...

Gumabi na...sa Apo Reef - at dumating na ang iniintay namin - ang pagatake ng mga niknik. Pero di naman nito sinira ang gabi namin...bagkos! yes malalim po na salita yan! Ay nakisama ang panahon samin. Biglang humangin ng malakas...si Amihan napadaan...in fairness kung di dahil sa kanya eh papapakin kami ng niknik buong magdamag. Pero nasobrahan yata dahil yung tent na sinet-up sa harap ng headquarters eh napunta sa kabilang ibayo ng isla kung san kami nagwasakan ng ulirat. One word: AMAZING!

The Wasak

Panu nga ba kami nagwasakan...ah ganito nga pala...isang bote ng gin at kool-aid sa isang galon ng mineral water. Resulta: pitong baso ang nalaklak ko...ang kinatapusan - imbis sa tent natulog - sa Buhangin ako inabot ng antok. Sana di namin nabulabog ang mga nangingitlog na mga pawikan..pasensha na...wala kasing sand sa Maynila...hahaha! At sana ok sila sa mga music na pintugtog namin lalong-lalo na ang Pretty Boy ni M2M...oh diba..sana nagustuhan nila...

The Basag

Sino nga ba ang basag? Lahat kami..pero nauna si Eden, sumunod ako...at teka english to: The next thing I know, it's 5:30AM and it was just Me, Preckie, Ty and Ken snoring by the beach. Oh and don't forget Ver who slept beside the bonfire na wala ng fire...T_T

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UBBE: Pandan Grande Island - The Bummers!

After seeing huge corals
school of fishes
2 baby sharks
gigantor star fishes
colorful pair of angelfish and other marine wildlife

We now go to Pandan Grande Island!
A place were 98% of the population are the Europeans and 2% are the resort's crew

The TF Travelers!
or should I say

We arrived at Pandan Island at around 3:45PM.

Again, how can we not love the island! it is so freakin' beautiful! The place is so peaceful and the people are friendly.

Here's a good view of the part of the island:

My most favorite part of our stay in Pandan is the fact that I snorkeled again, with a life vest of course but w/o a raft. We heard some shouts and laughs from a far and we knew that they saw the one thing that we've been searching for 2 days.

The Sea Turtle or "Pawikan" in tagalog.

Eden and I swam our way to where the Pawikan were. And again since I don't have a camera that would work underwater with me - I told Eden to take a shot of her nalang and I'll edit it.

Here's Eden's shot of the Pawikan:
I hope na sana dumami pa ang mga Pawikan.

This beauty is just there, chillin', eating see-weeds while were on top of her starring, looking and amazed. I even waved at her when I saw her looked at me. Please don't say that it's so "mababaw" coz she is really a beauty. I was happy and I was just there staring at her.
I couldn't touch her though as I don't know how to swim in deep waters. But this is so priceless to me.

I saw a "PAWIKAN" for the first time and couldn't get any sweeter than that!

We were there for 10min, when Jerome said that there's a lion fish just behind the sea turtle. Scared to die - of course we all swam back to the shore bago pa kami malason sa Lion Fish na yan!

I was speechless.

And while I was setting up my tripod for a group pic Eden noticed me, starring at nothing like wondering about something.
"Poms ok ka lang?"
I said "sorry na star-strucked ako kay Pawi!" ahahahaha!

So here's to you Pawi

Pandan Grande Island!
Bonggang-bonggang beach bumming experience!

UBBE: Apo Reef - The Experience

All of my "first-times" were with Travel Factor.

First time to travel.
First time of caving for 6hrs in Sagada.
First time to surf.

and first time to Snorkel. Yep! It's my first time.
Now, ain't that sweet?

February 14th, our first day of beach bumming in Apo Reef. It is of course a day of the Hearts. Everybody's excited to see the Paradise Down Under.

4hrs boat ride from Sablayan going to Apo Reef.

It was 6AM and we're still in the middle of the ocean. So we decided to stop and eat breakfast first. Sarap ng feeling! Breakfast was good! We had fried rice, daeng na bangus, veggies and coffee!

Kuya announced that we are approaching Apo Reef, we can see the corals from the boat. Then we saw a group of dolphins having their own breakfast. Fishermen from all over the place rushed to where the dolphins to catch some for themselves.

This photo though is frustrating. We waited for the dolphins to jump but they were so busy eating - but this is the closest I can get.

And their reactions: PRICELESS.

Finally we arrived at Apo Reef.
The view?

A shot from the top of Apo Reef Lighthouse.

Another frustration of mine is that I don't have an underwater camera with me. I can't just bring my D80 while I snorkel or it might just be the end of Brenda.

So next time, if ever I join an UBBE (Ultimate Beach Bumming Experience)/ SNUBA (Snorkeling and Scuba) TF Trip, I'll make sure that one, i have my snorkeling gear with me, and two, i'll buy me-self a digital camera with a protective case so that i can take a snap shot of the reef. So does this mean that i'll be going back to Apo Reef? or I am sensing a "BUTANDING ENCOUNTER" in Donsol soon...think think think!