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Monday, October 19, 2009

Mass of Mask!

I was outside Silay Airport wandering around. I walked back and fort looking for a ride when I saw this 2 men, holding a banner. I thought it was for me and I thought those two guys were Ai and Arvin..welcoming me back! (just joking!).

Banner says "Welcome MIguel Zubiri" and on and on. There was sort of a commotion going on behind me, and there I saw Miguel Zubiri. I was 20 steps in front of him. The thought came accross me, was he also here for Masskara? or something else? Nah! Anyway, yeah I was standing in his way and so I walked away and went outside again. A man approached me and told me that they have a shuttle going to the city. This part is exciting really. I love commuting, especially if I'm in some place else, like of course -- BACOLOD!

We were on our way to the city when the driver asked his passengers "San Kayu?" in ilonggo. Hehehe! Of course I learned a little from my Mom. Since I was suppose to meet Ai first in their office, I answered "Manong, diri sa Convergys". Hahaha! with the ilonggo accent o'course!

So, Manong dropped me off at Convergys. It was 7AM and the sun is up and shinning! I said to myself "wow! Ganda ng panahon ngayon!". Loved the heat of the sun. I mean, it has been raining in Manila so I really miss this kind of weather.

My access doesn't work in Bacolod site so I knocked at the door. He knew I'm with the company coz he saw me wearing my badge. I asked if he could get Ai for me. He let me in. I went straight to the reception and greet them! "Hi I'm L.A from Convergys Manila. Would you know if Ai's here?" Well, surprisingly the receptionist recognized me. "Welcome back Mam!". Of course I thank her for welcoming me. LOL.

Ai came right on time. We went first to her office to drop my things. She asked if I want to tour the site. I said "I already did right, 10months ago!". She wanted me to see the different masks that employees made in celebration of Masskara Festival.

Ops floor has never been this lively and colorful!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kari na sa Bacolod

It was October 16th of Friday. I went to the airport 5hrs earlier my flight bound for Bacolod. I was so hyped up. The Cebu Pacific counters are still close and they won’t be open till 2:30AM. I took a cart and walked to the waiting area. Geesh! It was so full of people! I couldn’t find a small space for me to hung-out for a while so I decided to go up and eat. I was satisfied when I saw Dimsum n’ Dumplings. I figured my tummy could use a real warm food so I ordered their special Arroz Caldo. I stayed there for a couple of hours, but time seems to run real slow.

I went down again to check if there’s at least one free seat in the waiting area . There were a lot, actually. Thing is, people occupied all rows. They just lied there sleeping heavily not giving any space to other people. I lost hope of finding one, so I just sat down on the floor, turned on my ipod, stared at the people as they come in and look for their spot then, I fell asleep. By the way, I traveled to Bacolod all alone. 

I woke up and saw that Cebu Pac people are getting ready. Finally, its 2:30AM they flashed Flight 5J 473 to Bacolod on the TV screen! I was first to check-in!

It was only 3AM and my flight is not until 4:55AM. Chaikofi just opened. I thought I could use a cup of coffee. I went to airport straight from work and didn’t have any sleep at all. So yeah, I need coffee. I killed some time at the smoking area. Smoking and coffee has kept me calm after all this excitement.
I was getting bored...

We boarded the plane @ 4:30AM.
Waiting, waiting…I’m waiting all by myself. Reminisced the time we went to Bacolod last year. I realized that I am traveling alone. Though I’ll be with friends when I get there, still I wished I’m with the same people I was with the last time. Well, so much for that. There are a lot of things for me to look forward to when I get there. A great experience awaits me!

Finally, our plane just landed. I’m back in Bacolod after 10 months. I am proud to say that this is the home of my great grandfathers and is also a proud home of Convergys.

And, what was I excited about?

What is that great experience awaiting me?


Friday, October 2, 2009

A Remarkable Feeling

I've been frustrated since last sunday. friends have been volunteering to different private sectors in order to make a change -- help our brothers and sisters who were badly hit by the typhoon, Ondoy, while i on the other hand couldn't do anything. Couldn't leave the house, prolly afraid of getting scolded by my Dad if doing so.

I kept telling myself. I HAVE A CHOICE. I'm no longer a kid.HELLOOOOO!

Still, I decided to stay home. Watched the news in every news channel available, checking - refreshing my fb page for any update on my MIA friend, who by the way is now back online...yey! Eden, we were so worried about you! :), Looking for any inspirational prayers and post it here in my tumblr in anyway I can thinking that somehow I'd be able to send a message to my friends, prayed hard that night -- and basically doing the same thing again the next day.

But this afternoon, i felt relieved. I went to the office early enough to kick start the packing of goods. While I place the noodles in those pails I thought of the person who will receive it. While we load those pails to be delivered to our fellow colleagues I thought of the smile it would bring them.

I'd love to be there in person and be the one handing out those goods to them not because I want people to see me help them. No! but because I want to feel that sense of human in me. I'm sure, it would be a remarkable feeling. Priceless I should say.

So tomorrow, no matter how much rain it would fall I will go back and finish what we started...and then I'll pray again -- to bless those goods, bless the people behind this drive and bless all those who helped out.

It's really nice to see how many good samaritans we have in our country we thought we have lost. ^_^