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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Attack!

Like Christmas, love should be around us each and every day of our lives. We make the most out of what we have, friends and loved ones. We don’t just feel the love, but we spread the love.


This is my way of saying..

Happy Valentine’s to all.

A Wishy, Washy, Wibbon…

A souvenir brought by our client from Brazil. Each agent has his/own band. It’s a tradition as what Caroline said.

You can tie the band anywhere, from headsets to your pen, even in this long-stemmed rose I have now (which by the way, is a valentine’s gift from our other client, Lisa). One tie = 1 wish. I’m not sure with the color coding though, green is probably for the ladies’ because well, all the guys got the yellow ones.

Just a nice to know. :)

The Littlest Sophia

This morning I asked my nanny to go home and come back at 1:30pm. While Sophia was sleeping at around eleven, I went down for a cup of coffee. Tita Liza and I were chatting about a lot of things when I suddenly felt the urge to go back to bed. Yeah, coffee didn't do exactly as it was suppose to do -- to keep me awake.

I was watching TV when I checked the time. It's already past 12 o'clock and I'm really all tired and sleepy. I was thinking, maybe I could sleep for a couple of hours while the nanny is gone and Sophia taking her nap. A few more steps when I heard voices inside our bedroom. I leaned on the door and I can definitely tell that it was Sophia as if she was talking to someone. I opened the door and I saw her seating on our bed, reading her book - the littlest mouse, playing with the mouse puppet and saying words like - ada..na...du... over and over.

Here I was, an amazed mommy. And I know my reactions are priceless.

Mommy: Oh! You're awake Sophia!
Sophia: ada...na..na...na..na..ummm baaa a..na na na na (pointing at her pillow as if she was telling me - I woke up mommy and i was bored then i saw my book and read it while waiting for you to come pick me up)

Whenever she wakes up in the room alone, she would usually cry, then you'll hear footsteps from our sala, she then would go to the door and knock...but now..she has totally grown. She didn't cry...nor knocked. All this time, she was up, reading and waiting for me.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sophia Turns One

My darling, daughter mommy is so happy that we get to be together each and every second of our lives. It has been a year of firsts. From first smile, to first crawl, to first step, to first tooth. I am so proud of you.

One year and more to come. So let us blow your first candle - together. :)
You're the most beautiful thing happened to me. Happy One Year!

Photos and camera by: Ninang Pat and Ninang Nonie
Birthday photos taken last January 20, 2012