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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend @ Rockwell

Nonie and I went to Rockwell last night. We had dinner at Pepper Lunch and I ordered that delicious Beef Pepper Rice that I've been craving for weeks now. After dinner, we went to Fully Booked. No book really excites me so we decided to go to Rockwell Tent. On our way, we passed by Diether Ocampo - ok and we were like pasulyap-sulyap! Ok fine! He's HOTTTT! And what was going on with our minds! (uhmm mr.ocampo i seem to have dropped my bra...) LOL!

Anyway, enough with the naughtiness that hit us! Someone has been texting me all afternoon..texted each other all the way to Rockwell Tent. While waiting he's still texting me and while making our own havis he's still texting me...haaay hirap humanap ng lovelife!

Nonie and I spent like 30min in choosing the best design for our havis! It's nice to see that people everywhere looked so happy and excited to wear their flipflops. The mood was great and was even happier with songs from Francis M and other pinoy artist playing at the background.

Met Ejohn and Aia -- guys who make havis! We were like "this is such a happy place noh!" and Aia said "we're happy that you are here!" aw touch!

Ok so the Khaki Red was almost out of stock. So I asked Ejohn to look for the remaining ones and I'll just pick one from what they have. Ejohn surprised me! Khaki Red in his hands! Thrilling! Some pins were already out of stock though - like Tarsier and Beach so I ended up choosing Noypi and Lomo.

How they holed my slippers draw my attention. I was like a kid waiting for my precious prize! And when it's finally done - TADA...it looked as if it's ready to stroll the beach! (ehem preferably - Calaguas!) LOL!

I'll definitely won't miss the next Make Your Own Havaianas!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Writings on the Wall 2

I hope people with powers get this.

Because if they didn't, they're not so smart after all.


I want to talk with you, alone, and tell you everything.
But im so scared of what might happen
and what you will think of me then.
Because you are the only guy i want to see myself with lately

Monday, May 25, 2009

Football Action!

Are you ready?

Uber Netizen!

Pinay Manlalakbay is now on wordpress!

Just went live last night, did a couple of importing travel blogs from http://fierceresuri.blogspot.com/ and deleted some blogs that aren't related to travel photography. haay..after an hour of clicking the mouse...finally my wordpress is all set.

you can view it here: http://pinaymanlalakbay.wordpress.com/

I'll keep multiply of course, as well as my blogspot (which i am using for 2 years now), and my http://pinaymanlalakbay.tumblr.com/ would still be updated (if anyone of you who has gone to this site....) the tumblr accnt is only for photography and travel.

Next up..cleaning my facebook! Haay, before I was so addicted to pet pupz, yoville and other FB applications. But I guess now is the time to be more mature when it comes to surfing and spending time on the net. It doesn't give me the amusement as it was before.


Now am thinking of deleting my friendster -- i haven't updated this crap for a long time now. Friendster has turned into an uber crappy site with lots of stalkers and I hate it when people put animated comments to my site. My sister just had the worst experience. It was a year or 2 ago. While my sister (Abby the youngest) is busy surfing friendster, a friend of hers added comment to her site. The comment asked her to click on it for a surprise. Abby is not really familiar with these kinds of jokes. She clicked on it -- then an ugly, bloody woman just popped out of the screen. Abby was so scarred she ran away from the laptop and screamed. My mom was busy at the dirty kitchen that she accidentally dropped the sinampays! Of course my mom to the rescue turned off the laptop. Because of that, my sister broke a finger on her right foot. She had to undergo surgery to repair the broken bone and was casted for at least 2 weeks. Think of the stress this has caused our family. Just with a simple comment turned into a fright night for my sister. Anyway she's doing fine now. LOL! She's keeping friendster but taking precautions when accepting a comment.

Haay if not for the old contacts I have who doesn't use multiply I would really delete it right away!
Makes me want to ask them to

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Ender

The Cast of Grey's Anatomy has delivered yet again, a superb performance that left my heart beating fast, tears in my eyes and a question, on what will happen next.

GA's last 2 episodes, gave me goosebumps.

George joined the army.
A John Doe got hit by a bus for saving a girl.
Mer and Derek wrote their vows on a piece of post-it.
Bailey wants to go back to being a general surgeon.
Mcsteamy's looking for a house.
Lexi is having second thoughts about moving in with Mark.
Izzie remembered everything only to die in Karev's arms.
And a shocking revelation, that John Doe, is George O'Malley.

Here are the stills, the last scenes where Izzie,
in her after life, met with George after they died.

So what will happen in the 6th season?
I will surely miss these two.

Paper Hearts...

This is no emo, this is no shit about whatever...

This came from a guy who gave a box full of paper hearts to a girl he's in-love with and a message:

May I say "Aw...snif snif..kinikilig naman ako..."

The Wall of Anger

Ever heard of Tacsiyapo?

Tacsiyapo - is "Shame on You" in the local dialect.

Tacsiyapo!!! is a perfect way to release your anger. Just for P15 (for a tea cup), and you can shout TACSIYAPO any way you like -- then choose one of the "shame on you" choices on the wall.

There's Sipsip, (para sa mga taong walang ginawa kundi ang sumipsip lol), Ex-husband, wife, bf, gf, magnanakaw (kung ninakawan ka ng katulong mo), House-maid (if si daddy ay may relasyon kay inday..), Kapitbahay, the infamous 5-6 pautang (just look at the picture that has the most hits..halos di na sha mabasa!) and much, much more. There's even a part there for call-center agents sana but it's exclusive for Isdaan employees only. Don't ask which one I hit, I don't want to cause any trouble with anyone. Bwahahaha!

So if you feel like killing Hayden,
Katrina - you might want to give Tacsiyapo a try. :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pinay and Lady Gaga

Ok, I'm sorry I'm being mean to Lady Gaga
but could you really blame me for this?

So tell me, doesn't she look like Lady Gaga?

Pinay's Try on Macro

After buying food from the market, we went back to the house and prepared for lunch before our tour starts. So thanks to Sam and Pat who did all the cooking. Our main ingredient (in our whole stay in Baguio): Garlic. Ok, enough of that. I was bored and again, di mo ko maaasahan magluto. I just know how to eat. So I borrowed Pat's 50mm and explored the garden. I am happy and satisfied with the result. And I was like "Pat ang sarap gamitin ng lens mo!"

So here are my shots using Pat's 50mm nikkor lens.

This one is my most favorite shot of all!

Pinay Meets Gulliver - The Sweet St. Bernard

Pinay is not just a lover of foods, nature, and photography she is also a lover of dogs! We decided to tour Baguio and one of our stops was The Mines View. While on our way in, we saw these adorable St. Bernards posting for pictures. 20 per photo-op. I was awed by these cute but huge dogs.

Meet Gulliver, he's sweet and wants to cuddle people. So I cuddled him back. I didn't mind the smell I mean cmon Trixie has the worst smell so I'm used to it. Didn't mind the furs on my black KALADKARIN shirt. I even experienced being droolled by a St. Bernard.

Ok so when I cuddled him he actually droolled at my right arm.
And he seemed to like me. So he looks like as if he's gonna
lick me anytime!

Ah Pinay why the face?!

and here's another one:

Gully, looks tired na. He needs some rest...

Pinay and the Wonders of Baguio - The Market

One thing that I liked about Baguio is the weather and the scenics. I was amazed when I saw tons of houses, built around and within the mountains of Cordillera. Parang LEGO lang pinagkabit-kabit at pinagdikit-dikit! LOL!

Monday morning, everyone got up early. We decided to go to the marketplace to buy food. Here are some of my shots while namamalengke.

I am imagining, ensalada...sarap!

What is your longganisa?

And here's Igat or Eel in english.

Mamili ka ng sahog..

Pinay Meets Tweetie De Leon!

There is no photo of ms. tweetie here just a mere memory that will linger forever in Pinay's mind.

It was a cold afternoon in Baguio and me and my friends decided to go to Camp John Hay, and visit starbucks and chill. There were a group of people at the parking in front of SB, laughing and chatting. A guy saw me and pat sporting our camera and he asked politely if we can take their picture. We said sure, then we saw this beautiful woman got off from expedition, and guess who ?- she's none other than the beautiful Tweetie De Leon. Pat and I were star strucked! The guy gave pat his Leica camera and I saw Tweetie looking at my NIKON then looked at me smiling as she shows me her CANON 40D. Pat took their picture then the guy again went to me and handed me Tweetie's camera. "one more please.." After that one more, I personally handed back the camera to it's owner. She said "Thanks!" to me...delightfully.

Gosh! Pat and I was so shocked we didn't even dare asked Tweetie for a picture! And I was like "How are we gonna prove to the world that we actually see her! We're suppose to be photographers! walang hiya-hiya!!!" but then it was too late. They were busy chatting and we figured, maybe that isn't the time to for us to make epal...(so conyo!). So they left, and before the expedition turns right, I saw Tweetie looking at us and waved to us goodbye.

Ok, I was like "Damn! She hasn't aged!". I was like 7 years old during the Ok Ka Fairy Ko days and she was young and beautiful. Now, I only see her in commercials and still the same black beauty Tweetie. Kung anu ang ganda nya sa TV ganun din and mas maganda pa sa personal.

Again, this is just a mere memory of my experience at Camp John Hay.

Aren't we lucky! ahahaha!

Pinay goes to BAGUIO!

It was Sunday afternoon, I was packing my things furiously (as i said in my FB status). I woke up late in the morning and realized that I haven't even put any of my things in my backpack. No text yet from Pat, so I got up, took a shower...and packed my things.

I told Abby, my younger sister that I'll be going to baguio...and guess what she asked me to buy her - strawberries and her favorite sundot kulangot.

Of course, I already have Ube Jam in my mind for my Mom...

Off to Baguio!

Ok, call time is 1pm, guess what time we left Makati? 3PM...tsktsk! slackers! Anyway, I'll just give you a rundown of what happened in our roadtrip to Baguio. First we went to Manaoag. Bought 2 candles, 1 for my family and 1 for that special someone. I prayed for my loved ones (including him) for their health and safety. Then before our zigzag adventure we had dinner at none other than CHOWKING! Kasi naman alangan naman maging choosy pa kami!

Then I checked the time, it's already 11pm. We were so tired to buy lemons for tequilla. So we decided to just go straight to the house.

I would like to say thank you first to Pat for inviting us in and her pamangkin's lola Justice Teresita for letting us stay in their house at the Supreme Court Compound in Baguio. It was a very nice place!

and here's a shot of us outside the house

More of our portraits soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pinay on Angels and Demons

What a loser I am that I haven't even spent a little time reading Dan Brown's best-selling novels, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Instead, I've witnessed these novels as they came to life on the big screen...thanks to Hollywood!

I was amazed by the first one, even if I heard from other people that the Da Vinci Code movie didn't gave justice to the book.

Well enough of that.

About the MOVIE:
This movie is set in The Vatican, at the heart of Rome where people mourned the death of the pope. And as the Catholic Church mourns his death, 4 of the cardinals who are vying for the throne, kidnapped by the ancient anti-christ group called Illuminati. Robert Langdon (the ever great actor Tom Hanks) was called upon by the Church to help uncover the truth and only to find out that the killer himself was the late Pope's beloved, Carmelengo Patrick McKenna which was played by Ewan Mcgregor.

The Characters - loved Ewan on this one. I really thought that he was the hero in this movie (again I didn't read the book...which is probably good for me. It gave me the thrills!).
Tom Hanks - still awesome!

The Setting - Rome
Don't you just love the place! Never have I known that Rome has lots, and when I say lots, LOTS of CHURCH! Oh! How I dreamed of going there...

The MOVIE itself - The movie this time is much more intense, entertaining -- with a bit of laughs, and more dramatic than the first one.

"Do you believe in God?" - Patrcick McKenna

Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok this Let's Macau-HK Adventure for 3D/2N is really tempting. Prolly, because #1, I am so sad that my plan of joining the 10-days backpacking Indo-tsina won't push-through (well for this year at least..) #2. I am also in a tight-budget since there's a lot of things I am planning to buy, like the UWA lens and a mini-lappy that i can bring in my travels (to save up space in my memory card in case "trigger-happy" hits me) and #3. I STILL CAN'T believe na di ako natuloy sa Palaui dahil sa pesteng ulan na yan!

So this Let's Macau-HK of Travel Factor is really, really, to the highest of level tempting me!

Will keep you posted!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pinay's Worst 3AM Experience!

I usually go home around 3AM or 4AM depending on how fast I finish all my deliverables at work. I had to leave the office at 2:45 this morning because I have to get some sleep before I go back there at 3PM. I took a cab and that time, Makati to Bicutan is like 10min away from each other, that is because there's no traffic at all.

I got home 2-mins before 3am. Now, I usually text my mom to open up the gate for me. So I took out my cellphone, and who would have thought that this will be the start of my unfortunate morning. The sending message failed for a couple of times. And I thought I still have load...I checked the balance and I have a whopping P0.22 balance!!!! (&^*&&^%^$^$#%@%$). I couldn't get back to 7-11, the subdivision's gates are now closed and not that much jeepneys passing by. But the fact that I forgot to buy me a load --- made me wanna bang my head on the wall.

Out of desperation...I came up with a stunt.
I hope you know that when I say OVER THE BAKOD I meant exactly as that! I threw my bag inside at the old sofa just near the gate together with my slippers. My dogs are looking at me pretty excited on what I'm gonna do. I was like wow I have fans! I felt like a burglar when i lifted my right leg, and then the left leg -- now how do I look? I was actually sitting on top of the gate - then I jumped! My fans were wagging their tails like crazeeeh! Now, another worst part hit me, I noticed that the garage is full of garbage! I told my dogs "POTAH, mukhang nag-piyesta nanaman kayu!" - na masaker din ang walis tingting namin! So me being the good daughter that I am (naks!) saved my Mom from all the shitty stuffs, I cleaned the garage myself, and I had to chase kelly coz I caught her chewing something from the trash. I was like damn these dogs! Didn't you had dinner last night?!?!?!?! Sako-sakong dog food ang andito!

After the cleaning part, the worst of the worst is next - how am i gonna wake my mom up?! Unfortunately the screen door is hooked from inside, thanks to my office badge - i was able to unhook it. And now, the knocking of the door is next. I knocked at the door, and window at the same time AND please don't ask how many times because as far as I can remember, my mom woke up past 5AM na and that is right after I loudly knocked on the door. I was so sure that she's puzzled that why the heck this girl is knocking when she could've just texted me to open the gates for her...WRONG mommy! So when she opened the door, she saw me sitting at the old sofa with my dogs beside me looking star strucked!

"I forgot to buy a load..."

End of story.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Manila! Manila!

Old Manila Photos
by: Leslie "poms" Pomicpic
Camera: Nikon D80 (18-135mm)
used CS3 for watermarking

I wanna go back!






Manila - Side A

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd Half Trips for 2009!

Ok travel bug has bitten me, so kahit Luzon part parin ang pupuntahan ko papatusin ko yan!

Anyway, I've got 2 remaining trips for this summer. Baguio with my former teammates and overnight stay in Corregidor. See I told you...papatusin ko talaga to!

I am still dreaming of going to the farthest north of the Philippines, ok I'm talking about Palaui here but I'm just not sure yet on when.

Let's now go to my 2nd half trips this year.

I don't have anything going on from June to August so I'll leave that to Travel Factor, I'll just check their site and see what are their tours for these months.

September - is my Palawan month with mah office peeps!
October - November: THIS IS GONNA BE CRAZEEEH!
Maskara in Bacolod, i'll be visiting the Manukan Country again and have their not so expensive ORIGINAL taste of chicken inasal! Makiki-maskara ako and I'm gonna be with Nonie and Aidi and whoever wants to join us.

CEBU EXPLORATION - Oh boy! WHAT IS ISLAND HOPPING?!?! As early as March, Tikoy of Travel Factor already booked a flight for us KALADKARINS and will join her in exploring Cebu! I hope I get the chance to see the city if time permits!

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER: Well ngayun palang binabalak ko ng maki-Xmas party sa Convergys Cebu. Last year Nonie and I went to Convergys Bacolod to party with them, and I'm thinking maybe it's time to go to Cebu and see how they PARTEEEY!

MY DREAM: Experience Backpacking Mindanao and Indo-Tsina. If the budget permits WHY NOT!

Other plans: Well once I have my own tent, maglalakas loob akong umakyat ng Mt. Pulag of course with friends. ahahahaha!

Going INTERNATIONAL? Nope! not this year. But I've been dying to see Myanmar. Bakit sa dinami-dami eh eto pa nagustuhan ko?! BASTA trip ko talagang pumunta ng Myanmar!

Travel bug is here and it's bitting me! OUCH!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang

This song was originally sung by Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez. but I love the San Miguel Chorale's version of this song the most!

Hindi ba't lahat tayu minsan ay ganito -- "Iniibig kahit ika`y panaginip lang..."

From the album The Great Original Pilipino Music by Mr. C.

Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang

Hating gabi,
Gising pa't naghihintay
Na maidlip at nagbibilang ng tala,
Sa karamihan nito'y mayroong isang natatangi
At sa tuwing tatanawin
Mukha mong nasasa-isip

Ewan ko ba,
Bakit pa nagpakita pa
Sa panaginip sana'y mamasdan ka sa tuwina
Kahit na di na gumising pa
Huwag lang malayo sa piling mo

Iniibig kahit ika`y panaginip lang
Iniibig kahit ika`y panaginip lang
Iniibig kahit ika`y panaginip lang ......

Kahit Ikay Panaginip Lang - San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts


I remember when they used to air this right after STAR TREK series in RPN 9.

Now, STAR TREK made it to the big screen, and I was just wondering...are they gonna make a movie of Seaquest DSV too? If they are, will they find a replacement who can play the role of Lucas w/c was played by the "late teeny bopper dude" Jonathan Brandis?

My teeny bopper years are kicking in again.
Don't you just missed these guys?

Paraiso by San Miguel Master Chorale

Here's Paraiso from the album The Great Original Pilipino Music by Ryan Cayabyab. Originally performed by Smokey Mountain, revived by Lea Salonga and now, performed by The San Miguel Master Chorale together with The San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Whenever I listen to this song, I think of the rivers, the oceans, the islands, the trees, the birds, the sea turtles that i saw in Pandan Island, the corals i visited in Apo Reef, my perrfect beach - Calaguas, and all other beautiful places that only HE created.

One of the many great classical songs of Original Pinoy Music. Enjoy!

Paraiso - San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts

Return to a land called paraiso A place where a dying river ends No birds dare fly over paraiso No space allows them to endure The smoke that screens the air The grass that's never there And if I could see a single bird What a joy! I try to write some words and create A simple song to be heard by the rest of the world I live in a land called paraiso In a house made of cardboard floors and walls I learned to be free in paraiso Free to claim anything I see Matching rags for my clothes Plastic bags for the colds And if empty cans were all I have What a joy! I never fight to take someone else's coins and live with fear like the rest of the boys Paraiso, help me make a stand Paraiso, take me by the hand Paraiso, make the world understand That if I could see a single bird What a joy! This tired and hungry land could expect Some truth and hope and respect From the rest of the world

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tuts My Barreh - FUNNY!

Ran into one of the many saved bookmarks in my browser. My sistahs showed me this video in youtube - a funny video of a korean boy singing Touch My Body of Mariah.

So here you go - Tuts My Barreh (as how he pronounced it)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rain! Rain Go Away!

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.
Pinay Manlalakbay wants to play;
Rain, rain, go to Spain,
Never show your face again!



Photo by: Leslie "poms" Pomicpic
CAMERA: NIKON D80 (18-135mm)
Place: Fishport, Camarines Norte
Edited in Lightroom and CS3



Photo by: Leslie "poms" Pomicpic
CAMERA: NIKON D80 (18-135mm)
PLACE: Daet, Camarines Norte
Edited in Lightroom

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Mother's Day...

What should I give my mom this Mother's Day?
Should I take her to the Spa? Go see a movie? or Dinner?

The Maestro, The Chorale and The Music

Nothing beats the original pinoy music. Especially those that were originally composed by Rey Valera, APO Hiking Society and of course, Ryan Cayabyab.

The Maestro or Mr. C as what they call him, together with the San Miguel Master Chorale and San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra created this extraordinary album last 2004 - Great Original Pilipino Music.

One of my most favorite musical arrangements is "Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka". The song sounded so amazing that I couldn't take it in. Not even Regine's version could top it!

Another favorite of mine is "Tunay Na Ligaya". Was it Ariel Rivera who performed this song some 10-15 years ago? When I heard of the chorale's version of this, it made me want to get married! Suddenly I see myself in a traje de boda, walking down the aisle with my Dad prolly in tears, as he gives me away to whoever that "man" is. "aw..."

And last, their version of "Paraiso" which was I believe and as far as I can remember was originally performed by "the girl/boy band of pinas" Smokey Mountain. Remember? Da Coconut Nut? ok how about these lines:
Kailan (kailan), kailan mo ba mapapansin ang aking lihim Kahit ano'ng aking gawin, 'di mo pinapansin Kailan (kailan), kailan hahaplusin ang pusong bitin na bitin Kahit ano'ng gawing lambing, 'di mo pa rin pansin
Talk about old school huh?!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you these 3 songs but, I don't want to fill up this blog with a bunch of imeems so I'll just share one and that is Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiliing Ka.

I love old school pinoy music. brings back childhood memories.

Ngayun, pag napakinggan mo to,
Di ba't gugustuhin mo ring bumalik sa
panahon kung san ang buhay sa Pinas ay simple lamang?
Ang musika ang tanging himig ng mga pinoy.
ang Musikang Pinoy?

Another one
Pinay Manlalakbay

01 Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka.mp3 -