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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Smile!

Show me a smile and then kiss me...

You know I can't smile without you...

Just a smile away!
(These are shots in lomo effect)

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

As I posted in my status in FB and Twitter. After 2 months of waiting, being in limbo and all that, finally I can sleep peacefully knowing that there's something better to look forward to. Even the unfair judgement of my mother couldn't break my spirit; My negatron co-workers can't even stand the smile on my face.

I will, move forward as I start my career in Hewlett-Packard. July 4, I'm ready. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Sleep!

A shot at my insanely lovable little girl, on a rainy day of Monday I believe...but forgot what date that was. I was of course busy tinkering with my blogs and web's what haves when Iya cried for milk. Of course, the mommy - that is me..set my laptop aside and put Iya back to sleep with a bottle of milk and laid beside her. She, rather turned to her left side as she slowly closed her eyes with the bottle in her mouth. The next photos will explain why she is growing fast. :)

I'll just steal bear brand's slogan..

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blessings are Blessings!

As most of you who don't know, nearly 5 months ago Sophia was suspected to have an inguinal hernia on her right lower tummy. After my doctor checked the area she assured me that this though it is hernia is not an emergency. I waited for 4 months and in those months I did nothing but to monitor Iya on whether she is showing signs of discomfort but there was none. Instead, days passed and she seems to grow as a happy baby. Last May, after I got my HMO card I asked if I could apply my daughter as my dependent even if it's already passed the deadline of filing. Thank God, Camille of HR was able to work on it and it was approved. Last week, I got my check from sss and with no hesitation, I went to PDH (Paranaque Doctors Hospital) to the radiology for Iya's full abdominal ultrasound. Iya cried hard as she could just so we could see where the lump is connected but there's none. After the ultrasound, I gave Iya a reward for her hardwork (of crying...). We went for a 3-hr stroll at SM Bicutan. She loved the lights and smiled at any one who took a peek at her.

The next day was another trip to her pediatrician. I read the results of her ultrasound and since I'm not a doctor, I folded the paper again and let my doctor see it for herself. It is not hernia. But there is a lump and it is movable. It's a NODE. KULANI in filipino. Doctor said it is not emergency, advised me to keep monitoring. And since it is movable, the lump is most likely benign. I thanked the Lord again. The fact that Iya's growing healthy and strong is a sign that she is a healthy baby. For now, I'll continue to monitor her nodes.

Another blessing, I got my package from iloveperfumes.multiply.com. They sell Class 3A G-shock replicas. I also ran into their Jacky Oh shades. I ordered these two and it only costs me Php890 total!!! G-shock really looks original and so is the Jacky Oh shades. I'm happy!

Then of course, there's Dallas who just won in Game 5 and again Congratulating them would be much sweeter in Game 6. Right, Mavs? Yeah? :)

Then my much anticipated call from HP. I've been doing job hunting for the last couple of months. First of, I need a more high paying job. The company I'm currently working for doesn't give me much and my cash flow if not exact, is not enough for me and my baby. But still, we're surviving. And it won't be long now. I know this job offer from HP will not just change my career but will definitely put food on the table, fill the milk bottle full and the rest. Second, I want a new environment. Lately some people i once called friends have been pulling me down. This isn't what I've dreamed of. I dreamed of people who can motivate me and put me on top not drag me down. And I'm not the person who will put up with their shit that's why I want out.

I WANT a new breathe of fresh air.

On Monday, I'm scheduled for JOB OFFER signing at their office in Makati and I'm excited and anxious to start.

I just have to Thank God for giving me such patience and with that these are my rewards. For being righteous after all the mishaps in my life. About my ex-nanny who double-crossed me, the girl named Jen who used me for her own interest, for Cat who backstabbed me to anyone we know and to the rest of the challenges. And God knows that there's nothing more rewarding than seeing the angelic smile of my little princess, Iya whenever I get home from a hard days work.

These blessings are BLESSINGS!
And my ultimate blessing is that little girl with big smile and her name is Sophia Angeline.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


From the word "BUNDAT" which means "GLUTTED". This new carinderia in the up hill town of Signal Village has attracted a food lover like me. I heard from my co-worker that Bundatan serves delicious bulalo and so I didn't think twice I hurried myself along with Sis, Toni to this promising carinderia.

I got the chance to try out their bulalo on a sunny morning of Saturday. Located in the middle of The Fort Global City and Taguig proper, Bundatan is open 24/7 and serves not only bulalo but other pinoy food favorites like ginataang hipon, pork adobo, and tapsilog just to name a few for a very affordable price!

They also serve mami, lomi and sisig especially at night. Most customers are local who lives around the area, tricycle drivers, jeepney drivers, and call center workers like me.

BULALO in their big servings
and that big serving ended up in my tummy in just 15min.

Define BUNDAT?