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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The OVERLY Manipulative Catholic Church

I am born catholic. My beliefs are nothing but mere fact that God exists - nothing more, nothing less. But, that doesn't mean that I have to go to church every freaggin' sunday and hear these hypocrites spread God's word.

Is there really something wrong with population management? Haven't they seen enough children in the streets dying because they don't have anything to eat because of poverty. Their parents abandoning them; family of 15 here and there squats in the suburbs of manila?

Lack of knowledge about family planning and poor education. And now, that someone is trying to solve these problems that's the time these damasos cuts in. I mean c'mon do you guys literally take this-- "humayo kayo at magpakarami." and if so, then you don't care at all whether these poor kids of 15 or so gets hungry everyday, living the life in the streets instead of going to school, or worse be killed of either doing drugs or whatever because their parents couldn't raise them all at once just so we could spread the word "magpakarami".

The more our population grows the higher its people suffers. High unemployment rate, high child mortality, health risks and so much more.

Kabit-kabit yan ika nga nila. So, Damasos give us a big favor BACK OFF and try cleaning up your own yard instead!

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