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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Favorite Portrait

Out of all the pictures I took in my 4 times visiting Kapurpurawan, this is one photo I like the most. I love the clouds above, it compliments with the blue sky and the white, white rock surrounding us added with a bunch of happy, photoholic travelers and a very enthusiastic coordinator - ehem that’s me who took this picture. :)

Photography by: LA "poms" Pomicpic

Scary Night

January 13th, 10PM I turned off my laptop and crawled up to bed; it's time for me to sleep. Heavy rain pouring outside and I can feel the wind as I lie down. Minute after minute the wind gets stronger...and as I listened to the pouring rain I fell asleep.

12:55AM, I heard a loud whistling sound outside. I checked my phone and it's no longer charging. Something tells me the power has gone out. I lift my head a bit and turned and looked outside my window. The wind was stronger and so as the whistling sound. I saw the trees waving from left to right. I had to pull my bed away from the window and removed my bed sheet. I took my phone, my laptop (I panicked that my things might get blown away...) and flashlight. I didn't have to close the door, the wind took care of it for me. I sat down at the stairs. My mom looked for a second and I told her; I couldn't sleep I woke up and my face is all wet. I went to the sala and my sisters came down quickly and scared. I sat down again at the stairs as we all listened to the strong blowing wind and the loud whistle sound its making. I was like "Lord, help us get through this..."

It was a scary night. 3:45am, the winds faded. I don't hear the whistling sound anymore. But when I got up to my room, well it was a disaster. The windows were half-closed so my bed is all wet and dirty. I had to spend the night at the sofa with my dog beside me.

We were forced to change the bed sheets the next day. We literally cleaned the house, from changing the curtains, to throwing every junk we can find. We literally CLEANED our house. Every family in our lovely neighborhood was busy cleaning their garages, cars, swiped off the leaves and fallen tree branches everywhere, kids running around because school was suspended, husbands repairing their broken windows, antennas, roofs and what have they, teens helping their moms get fresh water, and men selling bangus and tilapia for 30/kilo from the overflowed fishponds.

2PM of Wednesday, I was bummed. I was lying in my bed enjoying my new sheet but there's nothing else for me to do. No power. No phone. No Internet. What a bum? I forced myself to listen to fm radio for as long as the battery can. Switched from one fm station to another...it was a boring day and I'm still coughing...

I'm glad they turned the power back on by 7 in the evening; I can go back to watching my favorite series. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clarity, No más de drama

I have only spoken about this to 3 people, one I only mentioned it through email, the other 2, I talked to over the phone. It has been a stressing June for me yet I was able to get through this debacle. I have completely been silent since I quit my job because my number 1 priority is to take a peaceful rest after 4 1/2 grueling years of struggle in the company that has turned its back on me. Did I sounded ungrateful? Not really. Many people who I entrusted my TRUST have failed me worst betrayed me. Yet, I'm still here standing tall proud of my decision and still grateful for those 4 years. I mean it wasn't so bad at all. Not until I left.

I never thought I would get myself involved between two powers that would cause me my career just because I'm doing my job. I never thought I would find myself battling alone to regain my confidence but fell apart in the end. I kept telling myself I am not a quitter. I simply gave myself a favor of not having to deal with such mess caused by their incompetence. I don't want to keep arguing with my boss about how I am taking my job seriously and yet everything is falling apart because of the team's bad mentality - that is to put each other down if you're against them.

These kind of people are the perfect example of why our country is what it is today. I've seen too much drama from them that I couldn't take it anymore. I quit my job to save myself from these people who tried to ruin the work I've done for the past 4 years. The reputation and respect I've worked hard to earn from the people I worked with.

And so I ignore their dramas and statuses in facebook. I know it's about me guys...so you don't have to deny it. But, I don't have time to deal with tacky people..please there are a lot of things that are more important than reading your shits..LOL

4 months of traveling has done a great job in keeping me sane. It has given me a lot of ideas and I even had time to make plans for my future. I was able to search for myself and be positive at all cause. I've seen beautiful things, met beautiful pleasant people and learned a great deal of respect to everything that surrounds me. I learned to be more grateful for the things He gave me. I feel more blessed with my family, and friends who have stuck with me all the way. These tacky people can say whatever they want to say about me, I'm completely ok with it. They can't harm me now...

Now I am much stronger and confident about myself. I've got my family and true friends that I can turn to anytime.

Everything is perfect now.