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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The FAILED "KENDENG" Combo Dance

Sophia last night while watching WILL TIME BIG TIME (blame the nanny!!!)

Sophia - dancing, to kendeng-kendeng and waving her harms like crazy

Tita L: Mommy you dance with Sophia!
Mommy: what?! NO! i'll just watch her..
Tita L: Dali! You stand up and show sophia how to dance kendeng-kendeng...
Mommy stood up and did the kendeng-kendeng dance...but Sophia got tired already and asked for ... dede....

FAIL. :/

Welcom to the gang, Pooh!

Last night, Sophia with her new toy - winnie the pooh

Sophia: waaaah! (holds piglet and pointed at pooh's nose and giggled)
Mommy (holding pooh): hello Sophia, i'm pooh. can i be your friend?
Sophia, looked at Mommy: (she smiled with her teeth showing and said...) mama..yaaaaaaaa...

Sophia hugged her "teddy" the bear, piglet, alf (her puppet), and pooh altogether. :)

Happy ending.

Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 - The Year That Was

I'm looking back at the year that was. A year of everything, literally. It was 20 months ago (yes i know the title is the year that was but let me take you back...), I was playing Frisbee with my friends on a competition with Travel Factor. Nobody knew what was going through my mind that with conviction I decided that it would be my last. I have never told anyone of the true reason why I joined and why I decided to go back on working. In that moment, I simply just endured every moment I had with my friends.

I will be going on a trip. A journey, that is different this time.

A journey to motherhood. The real life begins.

I was already five months pregnant when I announced to my family (and of course in social networks as well..) that I was expecting and managed to surprise people, yet again.

In such challenging, blood draining, crying out load moments of my life; I'm still standing strong. I learned that the beauty of life doesn't come from money and other material things but comes from the people who have stuck with you as you go through your hardest times.

I'm happy. that simple.

I now have a little angel with me and every sacrifice, she was all worth it.

She shines a light in my life, every second, of every hour, of every day from the day she was born. Since then, she has been the main story of my life. It is true that I lost all the things I have. A reality that I have no other choice but to accept and yet with all the problems I faced she's just there giving me the sweetest smile of hope just when I'm about to give up. I love her, beautifully...dearly.

With 2011 about to end, I will bring with me all lessons learned from the past and move forward to another year of life's journey to 2012 that is just around the corner.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

My First Christmas Party

So much drama unfolded last 7th of December. A feverish, weak, droopy eyed Poms came to SMX to get it all over and done with. My first Christmas Party at my new home, Hewlett-Packard Philippines. Seems that these events have always found their way back to me..or I should say - a "calling".

Me, as the backstage director raised my eyebrows toward one thing - the stage. It's already half past-12 lunchtime and the stage is not yet complete and no paint at all. Unfortunately, stage was finished around 4:30pm. Paint were all dried up and spot lights are already in place. There was even a dilemma in the tech run and some exchange of words between me and the stage director who is way over his head and has serious superiority problems, that and among other things. But, we managed to survive the night of tension, nerve wrecking Christmas party.

I should only thank BIOFLU for effectively managing my fever and kept me sane for 12hrs. (but failed to go to work the next day because my body...let's say...gave up and want to rest.).

So this is how I look like when sick but still ready to kick butt at the backstage. (very nice...hehehe)

And finally, she rises...

and let the party begin....

why don't we have a lil' fun while working.
With the hosts, and members of connect@hp (engagement group)

and we survived!

oh btw, the guy in front of me was marvin agustin...
look alike...hehehehe!

I'm excited to work with them again next year.