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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Caramoan, the Ultimate Island!


One word that is very common as summer starts to sink in the skins of Pinoys. Every summer, I feel nothing but proud to have been born in a tropical country. Getting to the beach is just an hour and a half away from the city madness and you can choose whether to go south or further north.

But we chose the farther south!

Hidden in the southern part of Camarines is a group of islands not known to many people and we call it Caramoan.

Virginity defined, Caramoan is not just your typical beach. From one island to another, you’ll be amazed by its breathtaking mountains, long sand bars that appear when it’s low tide, and freshly caught sea foods that will surely stuffed your tummies out!

As part of the Bicol region, you can expect the great taste of bicol’s finest delicacies! Number 1 in our menu is their famous Laing, combined with Kinunot na Pagi, Calamares (HUGE RINGS of CALAMARES!) and inihaw na pampano to complete our ultimate beach bumming experience!

We sat comfortably in the sand with our beach toys as we gazed up to the sky admiring the bright stars that lighted the whole paradise. We celebrated the birthday of Tikoy with 4 litters (correct me if I’m wrong) of mixed GranMa, Ginebra, and Tang.

After a day and a half of island hopping, we headed to the town to check in and get washed. We got bored during the night at the town and figured we could use a little game called Patintero. I never thought we get to play this again. It was Boys vs. Girls. As the game progresses, spectators arrived. From the locals to our fellow travel buddies laughing, cheering for us and of course, we won the game.

I am never this relaxed my entire life. I feel blessed for meeting Tanya,Igo, Mira, Japs, Ansly, Eric, Glen, Ally and Edge just to name a few who I’ve bonded during the trip.

And of course, how could I ever forget my old buddies Ver, Nathz, Eugene, Don, Tyx, Trish and Reg that made this trip even more exciting!

What makes the destinations more beautiful are the people you’ve bonded along the trip.

Caramoan, you are on my list of one of the best tourist destinations in the country!

Here’s for you!