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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So much for plugging..LOL!

I just got an email from a friend asking if I could share one of my adventures. And there we were at R.O.X High Street doing the interview and the rest is history. (of my life!).

I felt weird when I was about to see the whole video. Was conscious whether did I do it right? did I make it perfect? and was I looking great despite the fact that I only had 3-hrs of sleep coming from shift that weekend.

Honestly, the whole experience was a blast. Here I get to share my story of where I've been and snapshots of my trip. (that I'm sure you've seen them over in my blogs and albums). And there I was, watching myself in national tv and all the thrills, adventures and experiences paid off.

It feels good showing to everyone how beautiful our country is and share the things that i love doing. It is not about how many minutes of exposure on TV, it's the previews of my photographs that makes it all worth it.

I know this is all over my facebook, twitter and tumblr but I just feel like blogging this.

Hope you get your chance to share your story. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Piling up!

I’ve been wondering lately how to start my year. 2009 was a year of fun-filled adventures and I certainly want more. There are destinations that I am proud to brag about, experiences that are unforgettable, met new friends, and disappointments which made life more interesting. BTW, I won’t be going to China anymore due to some unforeseen events. But to China or not still my calendar is slowly filling up with trips that I am so looking forward to.

This year, it will be much, much more. I can’t wait to hit the road again with my friends, have fun, take wonderful photos of landmarks, beaches, people and simply just make a memory out of it. I will continue to explore Pinas and blog, tweet, and fb – any social networking alike about it. It will increase my tumblarity in my tumblr site, I’ll be busy again writing my blog for my blogger site and now that I got my iphone, surely your tweetdecks will be flooded by resurigurl’s twitpics that will give you idea about where was I last weekend.

So to kick start the year here is a small draft of my calendar of trips at least for the first 4 months.

This coming February 13th I will be starting this habit “out for the weekend” again as what I did last year. I will be going to Clark to witness the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Seeing hot air balloons floating in the sky should be an amusement to everyone.

Photo c/o Marv

They say that summer will start early due to the El Nińo phenomenon. So where do you think people will go then huh? THE BEACH of course!
March is LET’S GO TO THE BEACH month for me along with April and May. :D
Caramoan is next on my list. I must admit to you that I am uberly excited for this trip. I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about this place from people who have been there and I definitely want to start my summer here!

photo from www.millionface.com

I don’t know where I will be for the rest of March so let’s jump to the month of April where I will be in Ilocos for the 3rd time. Yes I know, I know, OA. I just want to make it a habit of dropping by Ilocos at least once a year. Just that! :D

photo by me!

And there’s also Pandanon Island in BOHOL,

photo by setiritter

Dumaguete, Siquijor, Sumilon and El Nido which of course needs a careful planning.

Again, slowly these destinations are piling up on my list and I’m excited to explore them all!
I can’t wait to lakbay PINAS again! :D

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Best Travel Snapshots

It has been a great year for me. I was faced with so many challenges and yet, I managed to end the year with life's happy memories of people whom I met along the way, foods that I will crave over and over again, places that I never imagined existed, and adventures that are surely worth remembering.

As I traditionally go over with my 5000 pictures (YES! of course not all of them are uploaded in the web) of people and scenics, here, I give you my travel snapshots of 2009. I hope that in this blog, I will not only inspire you to love our very own, but also encourage you to explore them all!

January 2009 - Conquer Mt. Pinatubo
As you all know, I have been an avid, loyal fan and friend of Travel Factor. Why? Because they make travel so easier for me. I started '09 by trying out their first trip of the year, Conquer Mt. Pinatubo and this isn't the first time I tried their "CONQUER" trip. Wait do I need to explain CONQUER? Ok, to make it simple - this is Travel Factor's hiking/trekking/spelunking/caving trips. Last year, I had my first taste of spelunking and cave connection in Sagada with my best friend, Nonie. Anyway, trekking Pinatubo is never that easy. Talk about my bulges shaking while I pass by the boulders, streams that smells sulfur, hopped every rock, so on and so forth. There is no easy way to the Paradise. You have to earn it with every sweat, cramps and thirst before you can finally see the paradise hidden within.
Here she is...

Zambales: two times!
I can't believe I went to Zambales twice in the same year. Well, sabi nga nila kung GALA ka GALA KA TALAGA! I love Zambales simply because it's just near Manila. Exploring North has never been this exciting!

This next photo shows an extraordinary sunset in Pundaquit with a view of an island from a far.

Capones, ala Sound of Music. Well it's not exactly as the Alps though, but I just want to make "pilit" coz I really think there's a similarity. LOL

February - Apo Reef
This, this I gotta say is my most memorable trip of 2009. It is a place where I learned a lot about sea turtles, corals, baby sharks, manta rays, and other wonders of the deep. It is the place where I first learned to snorkle. (YES YES I know, chaka! but that's how it is!). This photo was taken from the top of lighthouse. Imagine it that high...oh! Let's not also forget sand bugs. I had my share of experience, having bitten by these puny creatures. It took 3-days after the trip before these little rash show up...and mind you they're really ITCHY!

Pandan Island
UBBE+SNUBA trip of Travel Factor. After an overnight stay in Apo Reef, Pandan Island was next. If you want a quiet, no night life, no party whatsoever, Pandan is your ideal island. Like Apo Reef, Pandan is also rich in marine life. People here have so much respect for the life under the sea. They even help breed sea turtles "pawikan" because, like polar bears, Pawikan are also in the list of endangered species. Too bad I didn't get to take pawi's photo myself but seeing it in real life is just surreal.

This photo was taken at 6:33AM.

Baler - Surfviving the waves!
Surfing is not really my thing. I get really scared just seeing the 7 to 10ft wave storming in front of me. But life would be boring if you don't dare try it. I dared myself but that was last year. LOL! But nothing would please me more than helping a friend in need. Am I a TF Assistant in the making? I dunno. Anyway, thanks Leia for the 2-peat. I had a great time! :) We all had a great time!

Ilocos - Photoholics!
Did I mentioned Ilocos is my favorite place in the Philippines? I think I did! Hahaha! And what's life in Ilocos without Bagnet? Empanada? Longganisa? c'mown!
And what is traveling to Ilocos, without paying a visit to Bangui Windmills? BORING!
Here it is, need not to say it. As Marv commented in my multiply blog, Ilocos is just picturesque!

April - Calaguas "The Happy Beach"
Ah! This beach has lived up to its reputation as being the Happiest Beach in the country! Think of Boracay 20 years ago, or let's make it 25 yrs ago?! LOL! No resorts, no bars and restos JUST bring your own TENT! he he he

Ocular - Camarines Norte
Now, I just couldn't remember the name of this island but is surely is promising!

October - Break!
Whoah! Again, again, WHOAH! My first Masskara festival experience and it was a blast! It was even more exciting when I got to taste that tasty, uber delisyoso Chicken Inasal. Walang PALYA!

This photo shows a group of performers dancing with their mask on. One performer told me that his mask weighs 2-3 kilos. Imagine, that weight on your head, covering your face?!?!?! AMAZING!

November - Last beach bum for 2009!
Northern Cebu
An on the spot interview with Sports Unlimited (Ehem Bern, I will never ever forget that! When is it going to air? hehehe!), A charades with a twist, An eat all you can/eat all you want restos, and islands that are breathtakingly beautiful.

Bantayan Island


Virgin Island

There you have it! A year full of trips and adventures!

More trips on 2010 and beyond!
Happy New Year!