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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Island at the TOP

Have you ever looked at the Philippine Map?
Have you ever thought of exploring the parts of Northern Luzon?
Ever wondered what it feels like being on the top of the mountain overlooking the South China Sea?

That was me 15years ago. Wondering what it feels like knowing that you are at the edge of the Philippine Island.

This is me now exploring my home country one trip at a time.

But before I get to this part of the country, me and my friends had our overnight stay in Anguib Cove which is connected to Cagayan. It was low tide when we got there. My friends Sealdi, Lallie, Maya and I explored Anguib. Packed with our life's stories on how we have been was the most exciting part of exploring. It was the perfect moment for us to catch up with each other! :)

My good friend, Lallie shared her idea about HDR which had me curious and interested. Here are some of my HDR shots. These are just trial shots. Hopefully and eventually I will learn all this stuff as I keep on doing photography. :)

My first HDR shot

and this is the other:

You'll see the other two here: http://heregoesresuri.tumblr.com

I had fun doing HDR. I feel like I need to learn more about this stuff as I try to up my level in photography. Again, lots to learn and I know there's a lot of time ahead of me. :)

Ok, exploring islands will not be complete without discovering its own Lighthouse. Yes. Cape Engano, located in the Palaui Island. Built by the Spaniards in December 1892, Cape Engano till now plays a vital role in the navigation and communication for ships traversing the Babuyan Channel despite of it being abandoned. (check http://heritageconservation.wordpress.com)

What amazes me most is the fact that it sits beautifully on top of the hill where I stand. (refer to the first photo above).

This is my shot of the island from the top.
Sorry, i'm no good in 360
° photography

and here's Cape Engano, in its ruined state though

After exploring the island, we headed back to the town to check-in get washed. Of course, for people like me who loves to bask in the sun headed to the beach and did some bodyboarding. I can do some long rides now! So, I'm saving up my money to buy the bodyboard I want.

Next up is DSS trip with Sealdi, Lallie and Maya!

There you have it! This is the northeastern most frontier of the Philippines!

For details of this trip you may check our website